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Jul 20, 2010 08:38 AM

Seared Tuna Method??

Although I'm an experienced cook, I'm confused about this. I think I remember reading, the last time I did seared tuna, that you should sear it in a dry skillet. That's counterintuitive, though. Should I add oil or not? Please help, company coming tomorrow!

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  1. I sear tuna in a blazingly hot cast-iron skillet. I don't put oil in the skillet, but I do season and lightly oil the tuna. I aim for about 45 seconds per side.

    1. I sear it in a non-stick pan, but like Joan, I rub it with a little oil first

      1. I spray it with oil, dip it in cajun seasoning and sear in a really hot skillet. Preferably outside so you don't set off the fire detector, if you have a side burner on your BBQ that's good. (If you put oil first, the smoke would choke you) We also like it rare in the middle, so I stick it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes before to keep the center reddish.

        1. LIke others have said, you're either going to have oil your pan or the tuna. One or the other; otherwise you'll end up with tuna crusted pans.

          1. I agree with the others...I oil the fish...I get my cast iron white hot and oil and season Tuna, then sear to rare