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Jul 20, 2010 07:42 AM

I need Food Media opinions

About a year ago I dropped all my cable services to save money. I was always at my girlfriend's house and we always watched TV there, so why pay for cable. Well we broke up and I never reconnected. It's been about a nine months since I last watched Food Network, Travel Channel or Top Chef. I do miss some of the shows, but towards the end of my viewing Food Network seemed like it had six or seven shows in a loop every week. Top Chef had gotten a little mundane and Man vs Food had gotten a little silly. The only show I really miss was Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.

So here's my question...have any of the shows/networks stepped it up? I don't know if it's worth paying $80 instead of $35 for cable to watch Ina Garten and Rachel Ray six times a day! What's your opinion?

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  1. I don't think much has changed with TFN, at least not for the better. You might have a peek, though, at that thread regarding "New Cooking Channel--Opinions?" and see if any of that interests you. They seem to have new content, plus are re-running some content from the early days of TFN, Molto Mario, Sara Moulten, etc.


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      I am really enjoying the new cooking channel. I also could not get sick of Top Chef (my favorite silver tiger eric ripert is now a regular judge). Anthony Bourdain also is in the midst of a new season of shows. There def is a lot of good food tv these days.

    2. You can always just download the episodes of top chef and no reservations on iTunes and not have to pay for cable. Just something to think about. The new cooking channel isn't bad but I wouldn't get cable again for it.

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        Thanks for the heads up about the DL

      2. Head on over to Public Television. They have many wonderful cooking shows without all the chefutainers and "reality" type shows. You'll find folks like Jose Andres, Steve Reichlen,

        The beauty is that PBS can be picked up over the air. The upside is you won't have to listen to delishsammievoogargabebowlyumo ever again..

        1. Reruns, reruns, reruns- you ain't missing a thing.

          1. I wouldn't at this time. Actually I'm considering cutting mine. The Cooking Channel turned out to be a disappointment in that it is re-run central! I am not bothered that they are old shows because I hadn't seen them before (most are Canadian). However after the first week I'd seen everything they had to offer. I mean come on; chronic reruns??!! They just started for goodness sake and there have got to be way more that I haven't seen! It is the same 3-5 episodes of each of the shows offered. They have Julia Child and The Galloping Gourmet for the retro and still reruns of the same few episodes. And somehow the annoying Aida got her show on there every freaking day! They could do reruns of really old Food Network or their Canadian programing and I would be very happy as I haven't seen those. Didn't they even have a show with Anthony Bourdain? I would love to see that type of episode, retro Food Network with fewer reruns.

            I'd at least wait until fall comes out with some new shows. Food Network has made characters of all their stars to the point I no longer want to watch most of them. And the reruns are out of control. Look at for a lot of programing for free.

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              I just watched Aida - she just kept on talking, and talking, and talking. I lost interest and changed the channel.