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Jul 20, 2010 07:29 AM

Best Breakfast in Wilmington area?

Shortly I will be spending a week in Wilmington and I believe in a good breakfast to start the day.
It has been suggested to me to go to a place called The Basics. Does anyone have anyone have any other ideas?
Thanks Jim

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  1. Sweet and Savory (off Eastwood just before the beach)
    Kefi (also on Eastwood just before the beach)
    Causeway Cafe (just over the bridge on the right - go early or be prepared to wait - but it's worth it)
    Middle of the Island (fabulous when they were on Wrightsville Beach - haven't been since they moved).

    2012 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403

    1. Granny's Country Kitchen for breakfast, lunch or dinner on Carolina Beach.

      Granny's Country Kitchen @ 1310 South Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach, NC 910 - 458 - 0515.

      1. Leon's Cafe in Ogden used to have a good breakfast but have not been in over a year.

        1. Basics is indeed great - so is Bon Appetit on Carolina Beach Road. Their weekend specials are the best.

          Bon Appetit Restaurant
          621 Highway 441 S, Clayton, GA 30525

          1. Causeway Cafe in Wrightsville Beach is outstanding.

            Causeway Cafe @ 114 Causeway Drive, Wrightsville Beach, NC 910 - 256 - 3730.