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Jul 20, 2010 07:27 AM

Turkish in Columbus OH?

I'm a former Columbus resident now living in Boston, and I'll be back in cowtown for a few days, so I'm making a shortlist of places to take my family. I'm always on the lookout for foods that my parents would enjoy being exposed to -- they recently became big fans of sushi, Spanish tapas, and Greek food -- so I'd like to take them to a Turkish restaurant, preferably one that does a really good iskender kebab.

Failing that, I might try Kihachi, though it may be out of their price range for a casual meal... anyone have any examples of typical menu item prices?

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  1. Disclaimer - I have not personally been to this place, BUT, there is Cafe Istanbul in the Easton shopping center, They have the iskender kebab you are looking for. Their web site lists menu prices, they have a lunch special. Go for it and report back to us with a review.

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        Cafe Istanbul is pretty good. My favorite Turkish in Columbus is Anatolia Cafe near Polaris but it has been a long time since I've made it over there. There is also Cafe Shish Kebab on Bethel, but it is not as good as either Anatolia Cafe or Cafe Istanbul. There is a new Afghan place near campus but I haven't tried it yet.