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Jul 20, 2010 07:15 AM

transporting muffs

would like to bring home a central grocery muff.does anyone know if they can get thru airport security.

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  1. Yes - unequivically, they will get through airport security. Not enough liquid to raise red flags - bring home as many as you can stuff in your suitcase.

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    1. re: GDPhalp

      Do not take the olive salad. They will not let you on board with it. They say it too much liquid..????

      1. re: tangofrosty

        Lest anyone misunderstand tangofrosty, olive salad ON the muff is fine. Just don't try to bring a quart of olive salad on the plane. (Central grocery ships olive salad, although there's a 4-quart minimum per order.)

    2. in your pants advance - I couldn't help myself

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      1. bring a few gallon size ziplock bags to put them in

        1. Wrap in several layers of newspaper then put in an insulated bag.

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          1. re: JazzyB

            thank you all.i wouldn't have thought of the old muffaletta in pants trick.after this visit there aint gonna be no room in my pants