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Jul 20, 2010 07:06 AM

Rant about Manager @ Daily Catch on Waterfront

This not a review but a short rant about Manager at the Daily Catch on the Waterfront. Five of us were there on a Friday night about 10 days ago for dinner. We waited approximately 50 minutes for our meals during which time the waitress had totally disappeared. When we asked the Manager as to where our food might be, he responded very defensively and condescendingly replied that "...our food is hand-crafted" and something to the effect that you need to wait for the best meal you will ever have in Boston. I can't recall all of his words but I can tell you that he was extremely rude and defensive. Shortly thereafter one party at the table told him such and that made him even more rude and defensive. In addition, two of us could hear the Manager screaming at his bus help and food runners in close proximity to all the diners. Not sure what he meant by "our food is hand crafted" because their menu says that they use imported pasta (so they boil the pasta). I got the Linguine with Clams which is basically chopped garlic, olive oil, pasta and perhaps some chopped parsley, not exactly the most intricate, "hand-crafted" dish that I can think of. As an aside, the food was good, nothing exceptional but between the wait and the rude Manager, the meal wasn't entirely pleasant.

Daily Catch
2 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

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  1. I like the North End original, even though it is cramped, and doesn't take reservations or serve dessert or have a bathroom or accept credit cards. The Waterfront location is just terrible, and I had a bad meal at the Brookline location very recently. Accept no substitutes.

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      I'm also a fan of the NE original and recently had an good lunch of linguine/white clam. Go early and no crowds.

      A few fair/poor experiences at the Seaport for functions or other's choice. I won't go to Seaport by my own choice.

      1. re: 9lives

        I got takeout from the seaport location once. Didn't have to deal with any employees, it worked out fine.

        But yes the original is the best.

      2. re: MC Slim JB

        I ate at the Brookline location Sunday night. I thought it was very good. I had the shrim & scallops over the white wine & garlic & oil sauce. My husband's salmon special was good, just a little too fussy for his taste.

      3. I haven't been to the waterfront location in awhile, but we went there 3 times last summer. 1 was bad service, 2 were good.

        Haven't been to the North End location in years, as I can get Daily Catch elsewhere.

        Went to Brookline in May, good service, delicious food

        Daily Catch
        441 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

        1. I've sensed some odd attitude there, too, although the food is pretty good an it's a nice setting.

          1. I ate at the waterfront location a few summers ago and did not have a very pleasant experience in my one visit. I have been going to the Brookline location since they have reopened and have been very pleased. Service can be slow because it is small and often have only one waitress, but it has been attentive.

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              I wouldn't say the service is slow, as I would say the whole dining experience there is "measured". As only 2 people seem to be cooking, it is a slower paced experience. The server is a lovely person. I think she is married to the chef.

            2. I hope they follow this board; I would. (Hopefully the owners do too!) I have reservations there next week at the waterfront location especially because of the view.