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Jul 20, 2010 06:04 AM

Fresh Pond Fish reopening

Has anyone heard that FreshPond Fish may be reopening in Arlington?
As far as I'm concerned, they used to have the best seafood products around at one time.

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    1. Wow that would be cool, they got clobbered by WF nearby. That building was a such a dump it's good they bulldozed it. I also miss "I Love NY" Korean market, the banchan was excellent there.

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      1. re: tatsu

        That was easily the best Banchan in Boston. I agree, terrible loss.

        I loved the dumpy fish shack vibe of FPF. Was so sad when they closed. The fish was super fresh, and reasonably priced. The fish shack just seemed New England Appropriate.

        1. re: tatsu

          Jeez those puddles were bigger than the reservoir itself...FP Fish could of farm-raised crawfish in those pools...

        2. That would be great as I've been looking for a nearby reliable source of seafood since Moulton's has become more restaurant then fish market. Whole Foods West Medford is OK, but would prefer a real fish market.

          1. That would be great! We've been going to Carey's Catch, but their selection is small. Please keep us posted!

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            1. re: digga

              Where's Carey's Catch? Does anyone have experience with Frankie's Catch of The Day in Belmont Center?

              1. re: pemma

                Corey's Catch in right on Mass. Ave. on the Arlington Heights/Lexington border.

                I've been to Frankie's a few times with good results. It's not cheap, but the fish has been very fresh, and Frankie (?) is friendly and helpful. I didn't love the style of fish and chips a few years back, though. Haven't tried them recently.

            2. I drove by their new site last night- it's on Summer St, not far up from the Rt 60 interchange. So close to Arlington center. It was dark & I didn't see what was going on inside, but the sign is up!

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              1. re: tall sarah

                Where exactly is it? I was by that area yesterday and didn't see it.

                1. re: pemma

                  Is it perhaps past Dunkin Donuts across from Scutra in the building that was both a produce market and used car lot before?? Sort of a large space for them, but a few weeks ago that location had a "just leased" sign up. That is closer to Rt 3 than Rt 60 interchange, but the above poster means where 60 curves at Arlington Center rather than the 60 rotary (which to me means interchange).

                  1. re: itaunas

                    It's at 75 Summer Street, between Cutter Hill Road and Edgehill Road. Here's a map:

                    1. re: hiddenboston

                      That is the spot I mentioned above. I wonder if they will do more than fish because from what I recall there is closer to 1.5 levels of retail space and that massive parking lot. Their market at FreshPond was relatively large compared to other fishmongers (the fishmonger in Cambridge, New Deal, Courthouse, Captain Boston), but just a bit larger then Carey's. Depending on what is happening with Busa going forward, having more produce options would be good. Although the market which opened there had a real hard time selling perishables (fruit, bread, etc) and did better with things like product's from Dom's, I think they will draw more traffic.

                      1. re: itaunas

                        The old Fresh Pond Seafood did some produce, so my guess is, there will probably be produce at the new spot. Perhaps canned goods and baked goods as well? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

                      2. re: hiddenboston

                        I know exactly where that is. No too far from me, great. It used to be a Mirak used car lot and then I think it was a produce place or something.