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Jul 20, 2010 12:30 AM

Places to eat worth stopping on a Hwy 5 trip from Oakland to Anaheim

Not too excited at the prospect of eating In'n'Out for lunch *and* dinner. Can anyone recommend anywhere simple and tasty to eat on this trip? 580 to 5, all the way... We're expecting to be near Tracy/Patterson for lunch and anywhere from to Anaheim for dinner. Breaks likely around Kettleman City, Santa Clarita, and then anywhere off 5 until Anaheim. We eat pretty much anything, just don't want anywhere serving mostly fried food. Three adults and two young kids, so nothing too fancy...


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  1. Some prior posts to consider:

    (on the last one, I think I linked directly to PolarBear's last post specifically on the five, if not scroll down).

    Personally, I love the detour 10 minutes off the five to Wolfsen's in Gustine.

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      1. re: susancinsf

        Re: Wolfsen's/Gustine - there's a park nearby if your young one need to run around a bit.

      2. Anderson's Split Pea in Santa Nella is always good. The travelller's special offers a salad and a never ending bowls of yummy split pea suop. Pay a little extra and you can get an assortment of garnishes like real bacon bits and sliced green onions.

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        1. re: SeaCook

          Does anyone else agree with me that Anderson's is not worth the stop no matter how many bowls split pea soup you can get?

          1. re: wolfe

            Instead of pea soup you can load up on the free cheese spread samples. The pastries aren't bad either. It beats the fast food options.

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              When I see Anderson's, I hit the gas to get it out of my sight as fast as I can. That's the worst excuse for soup I ever had with food to match.

              1. re: BN1

                Can I take that as a yes?;-)


            Apricot shake at Apricot Tree. Didn't try anything else.

            1. Oakland to Tracy is only about 1 hr. Why not just have early lunch in Oakland. There's practically nothing along I-5 (not hwy 5, btw). eat a late dinner when you get to LA.