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Jul 19, 2010 10:08 PM

Anyone tried the Villaware UNO reversible waffle maker?

Has anyone tried the Villaware UNO reversible waffle maker per link below?

I know waffle maker recommendations have been sought and made on this board, even recently a post on waffle-makers with removable plates.

But I've spied this one on Amazon and it is LOVERLY. But it ain't cheap. I'm hoping someone out there has tried this particular waffle maker. It has the removable plates I really want. And it doesn't seem to have the "plates falling off" problem that the similar Black & Decker waffle-maker / panini press has.

Thanks heaps!

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  1. there's some discussion about it in the threads in this search:

    you can obviously skip the first link ;)

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Hi goodhealthgourmet,

      Thank you muchly for those links. I actually have read them, and a heap of amazon reviews as well. I was loath to start another post, but did so for very specific reasons.

      Initially after reading a bunch of reviews, I had narrowed my options down to the highly rated Villaware UNO belgian waffle maker, or the Chef's Choice heart-waffle maker. I'd given up on the "removable plate" idea because this seemed to cause problems, even for good brands. (Just in general, it seems removeable plates = either unsafe or just doesn't cook that well. It seems to me if it was so easy, there would be a lot more waffle makers out there with removeable plates. There's certainly the demand.)

      I love both belgian waffles and the thinner American style waffles for different reasons, moods and applications. I love Belgian waffles for weekend brunch, with straight-up maple syrup and butter. (I paid a whopping 8 bucks for this at a diner last Saturday!) I love thinner waffles when in the mood for crunchy, with bacon or peanut butter. Plus I am planning to try some non-waffle applications (grilled cheese, waffle-falafel) and this is better done in the "thin" waffle-maker model.

      When I saw this 2-in-1 model of a great waffle-maker brand, it seemed perfect. I was just wondering whether the brand (Villaware) and my desire for both kinds of waffles should override my reservations about removeable plates. Amazon ratings for this model of the Villaware is lower than other non-removeable models. But with only 6 individual ratings, it doesn't pass my "statistical significance" test. Was hoping a chow recc or otherwise would sway me one direction or another.

      Oh yes, I am a waffle-obsessive. It would be nice to order some eggs for a change, when I go out for brunch. Right now all I get is waffles because I can't get them at home!

      1. re: ozinboz

        I am sure you have seen these, but I might as well bring them up. What about the other two highly rated and cheaper waffle irons:

        Villaware V2002 (cheaper version

        When you have 200+ reviews for either of them, there is some statistical meaning to it.

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Yes thanks Chemicalkinetics, I've seen these. I like the look of the VillawareV2002. It is my fallback if I choose not to get the reversible plate version (based on the statistically significant feedback) :)

    2. I have it, and it is the best waffle iron I have owned!!! The removable/reversible plates really seal the deal. I had gotten rid of every waffle iron I have ever owned because of how much a pain it is to clean it properly. Cannot recommend this one more!!!

      1. And this is something I don't understand. When I was a kid, we had a waffle maker (which would NOT have been an expensive model) which had removable, reversible plates. One side was for waffles, the other for making sammiches. It was grooved to automatically turn a whole sandwich into 2 halves bisected into triangle shapes (four actually, it was set up to handle 2 whole sandwiches side by side, made 2 waffles on the other side)

        It also featured an autoshutoff to keep from burning the sammiches or catching fire, and it worked.

        I have never found anything like that and I have searched diligently. How could we have gone BACKWARDS technologically for such a thing? And keeping the plates from dropping out is not rocket science, all it takes is a few aptly placed spring clips.