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Jul 19, 2010 08:00 PM

Tasty Artery Clogging Home Cooked Recipes

This past weekend I was staying with my fiances parents and her mom made something that to me sounded terribly gross and unhealthy, but when concocted turned wildly good. It wasn't a complicated recipe. Just a half loaf of french bread, slathered with mayo, topped with cheese and garlic, and baked. Simply bad for me but decidedly delicious.

You see I grew up in a health crazed household, so I find it's these jaunts to the future in-laws where I always end of eating what feel like Paul Dean waist widening type creations. It's like I'm making up for lost time in one weekend.

Anyways it got me thinking about terribly unhealthy recipes and made me wonder what else is out there. I'd pose this question to the general chowhound public. What is something, that is your own creation or maybe a family recipe, that is so terribly bad for you that it's borderline carnival food? Something that you have maybe once a year, but always look forward to it like a warm disgusting friend.

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  1. Although I didn't create it and it's not a family recipe and I have not yet made the Bacon Explosion, I intend to.

    (When I do make it I will add carmelized onions to the filling).

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    1. re: John E.

      i've had it. someone at our local bar bbq it on a bbq day, and it was amazing to behold, but the taste was just ok. too much porkiness, which i never thought possible - flavors just cancelled each other out. oo many similar flavors and textures - salty fatty greasy. maybe if it was the first thing i ate that day, and ate nothing else....

      1. re: mariacarmen

        I'm not really surprised by your observations, that's why I was going to at least add the onions. I was also thinking about adding some hamburger to the Italian sausage. I think some roasted pistachios would be good to add some texture. One of the reasons I have yet to make this is because I know how much saturated fat is in it and I also am not a huge fan of meatloaf, which this essentially is admittedly on BBQ pork steroids.

    2. The "Ummm, . . . chicken" Sandwhich.

      Hamburger buns. Batter and fry whole chicken breasts for each sandwich. Slice mozzarella, 1/4x2x2 inches, and batter and fry. Lettuce, tomato, and marinara sauce.

      And if there's time: brush the buns with olive oil (or bacon drippings) and toast them under the broiler.

      1. fettucine alfredo. Top with fried, crumbled pancetta or bacon.

        1. Oooh, yes alfredo! Real cheese, heavy cream, butter......

          I have also made a macaroni and cheese, where I used a combination of butter and bacon grease for the roux for the sauce, full-fat evaporated milk, and a mix of medium and smoked cheddar cheese, and just a handful of parm and just a tiny hit of cayenne (not for heat, more for... something in the background) for good measure. Of course I had to toss the bacon in too :D

          Or home-made eggnog. Egg yolks, heavy cream, sugar, and cinnamon or mixed pie spice. Makes me glad to have a freakish metabolism! My grandma's quickie approximation is to just toss an egg or two, some sugar, spice, and milk or cream in a blender, and drink raw. The egg whites give it a nice frothyness/lightness.

          1. Take one big bag of Fritos

            Open one can of Campbell's Chunky New England Clam Chowder

            Dump said can of chowder into bag of Fritos

            Take three slices of American cheese and add to the bag of Fritos

            Then top everything with a good swirl of Sriracha

            Microwave for 1 minute on HIGH.

            Remove and eat, with spoon and bib if necessary.