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Jul 19, 2010 07:21 PM

Eastern Shore - Long Weekend

NYC-Hound headed for Oxford, MD over the weekend...willing to travel 30-45 minutes any direction for best eats.

Looking for inspired recommendations, lunch & dinner. Someone rec'd "Jimmy & Sookie's." What about the Robert Morris Inn?

Thank you all for responding.

Robert Morris Inn
PO Box 70, Oxford, MD 21654

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  1. The former chef at the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michael's is now at Robert Morris Inn so I would say try it. He has a good rep. Also the restaurant at Inn at Perry Cabin is excellent in St. Michael's.

    Also in St. Michael's, 208 Talbot is a good place to eat.

    In Cambridge, I like Bistro Poplar for French-style food, but also a good steak or fish.

    And if you go to Easton, there is Mason's, Barlett Pear Inn and Scossa's. All excellent.

    Bistro Poplar
    535 Poplar St, Cambridge, MD 21613

    Robert Morris Inn
    PO Box 70, Oxford, MD 21654

    1. Mike R., I have seen Eastern Shore discussions on the DC Board.

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          I am heading up to Chesapeake Bay from NYC over Memorial Day weekend.

          We're ooking for the best eats - price is unimportant, quality food (especially seafood!) is.
          We are will to travel wherever it take to eat well, so please pass on your suggestions.


          (I'll also post on the DC board)