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Jul 19, 2010 07:03 PM

Looking for a food wholesaler in Brooklyn

I am wondering if anyone has experience with food wholesalers or bulk food stores that are open to the public and offer interesting selections at prices lower than supermarkets (or even regular grocery selections at good prices), preferably in Brooklyn. We are a family of six and have the storage space. I am looking to stock up and save time and money on frozen foods, dairy products, grains--the basics. Unusual, interesting foods are a bonus. Has anyone tried buying from a wholesaler? Where? Were the prices worth it?

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  1. There's a Costco at 3rd Ave and 19th Street, if you're interested in membership discount buying of staples, inc. dairy, frozen foods, canned goods, grains, etc. Plus produce.

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      I know, but I don't find their prices that good, certainly not enough to justify the membership cost.

    2. Besides Costco, I don't know of another wholesaler like you are looking for in Brooklyn. However, here are two suggestions that might be worth checking out, if you don't know about them already.

      Sahadi's is actually a wholesaler that just happens to have a storefront, hence their low prices. Middle eastern but with lots of other stuff. Spices, nuts, etc in bulk.

      Also, the giant great wall chinese supermarket in bay ridge would be good for stocking up on rice and other things at v. good prices.

      187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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        We've found the Costco membership to be worth it on laundry detergent, bottled seltzer, and paper goods alone. Since we're only a family of 2, buying 50lb bags of rice is out of the question, but other items--3lb bricks of aged Cabot cheddar, liters of excellent Kirkland extra virgin oil, 5lb bags of nuts or dried fruits--are real values. Unless you've got a resale license, wholesalers can't by law sell at wholesale prices to you as an end user, or "normal" individual retail customer. But some ethnic megastores may have good deals on very large quantities.

      2. There is Jetro on Hamilton Ave. You need a resale number to buy there. There is also BJ's at the Gateway Shopping Center. Also Brooklyn Terminal Market on Foster Ave in Canarsie. There is the Brooklyn Terminal Market on 1st ave. I believe in the fifties for meat. Best way to buy there is cash.

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          I was going to suggest the Brooklyn Terminal Market also. The focus there is produce, though there are now a lot of vendors selling dry goods as well.

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            If you live near the brooklyn terminal market, it is a good place to go, but i've been there a few times and i'm not sure it's any cheaper than a produce place like 3 guys in bay ridge.