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Best individual pie plates (for pot pies)

I am a pie making machine!

I would like to buy some bakeware to make individual pot pies. Most recipes call for 12 oz individual pot pie dishes. However, I am struggling to find any. I have spent too many hours today searching online. Hoping you can help.

A few weeks ago, I made chicken pot pies with crappy disposable pie tins from Safeway. I liked the size of the disposable tins. They measure 6" across the top, 4.5 inches across the bottom, and hold 12 oz.

Here is what I am finding:

Emile Henry - 8 oz $20.
Le Creuset - 6 oz $10.
Tuxton - 8 oz $3 (don't trust this brand)
Pyrex 6" 10 oz $12 (from buyhardwaresupplies.com)

I cannot find any that are 12 oz.

Do you make individual pies? Which dishes do you like? How big are they? And how much did you pay??

Last - How can I set up these posts so your replies are emailed to me?

Thanks so much everyone!


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  1. Wow, Pyrex is the second most expensive? Yikes. Did 12 oz. seem like the right amount? Would something smaller be too small? Why don't you trust Tuxton? Never heard of it; just asking.

    You can't set it up to get emails but any time someone replies, it will bounce to the top of your list. Designed to turn all of us into even more (and better) CH addicts :)

    1. Those 5" Emile Henrys are very attractive but way too pricey. A few other options here:http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_nos...
      If you are just using the crust on top, you can use oven-proof soup bowls/crocks, which are more readily found, including Corningware.

      1. Check Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I also make individual pot pies and found some stoneware pie plates that I love. They are about the size you are looking for and were very inexpensive...in the $4 to $5 range.

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          I have found rectangular LeCreuset stoneware individual sized casserole dishes I have picked up for this purpose at TJM.. I think I paid about $6 each there.

        2. This isn't clear on how many ounces it holds, but the diameter is 4.4" (it doesn't say whether this is top or bottom):


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            Diameters are always top, outermost edge to outermost edge, unless otherwise specified.

          2. http://www.wasserstrom.com/restaurant...
            I wonder if these would do? They are 12 oz.

            are also 12 oz. capacity dishes.

            1. You are so awesome!!

              @c_oliver - never heard of tuxton and at such a cheap price I was nervous (think cadium from China)

              @greygarious - oven proof crock pots - very smart. I could probably get the ones I like from the pot shop of boston (I like "old school" cookware).

              @baseball fan, EM and blueroom - will check out your links.

              Last - I found vintage pyrex pie plates on ebay that are 12 oz. The question about if 12 oz is the right size is a good one. The 12 oz pot pies I made are probably a little big. Maybe 8oz or 10 oz would be better.

              Back to the search. Thanks again!


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                Be certain that eBay means ounces and not inches. I don't think 12 oz is too much. It's only a cup-and-a-half. You said you liked the disposable foil pans that were that size. My larger soup bowls are 16 oz.

              2. One of the pot pie cookbooks I have recommends using ramekins for pot pies. I was in Walmart in Laurel, MD, today, and they were selling porcelain 5" ramekins for $2.46 each. There was no indication of how much they hold. So I took an Anchor Hocking stack of 10 ounce custard cups and set it inside the ramekin. It fit easily with some room to spare. My guess is that the ramekin holds 12 ounces.

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                  Exactly what I was thinking. I use them that way, as well as as for souffle dishes etc. They have to be well butter or greased.

                  And they are even cheaper in the dollar store.

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                    Walmart sells the Mainstays 14-Ounce Ceramic Ramekin (Product in Inches [L x W x H]: 3.1 x 5.4 x 5.4) for about $3.50 apiece.

                    A typical pot pie uses a 14-ounce ramekin or other similar size bakeware.

                  2. how about something like this: Crate & Barrel Round Au Gratin $5.95

                    1. Hi all - I found the perfect pot pie dish:


                      Unsure about the quality of the brand, but the shape and capacity (12 oz) look good.
                      I also ordered 6" pyrex (vintage) just in case.

                      Thanks so much. Hope this helps someone else!


                      1. Just get the HIC ramekins.. they have a bunch of sizes..