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Jul 19, 2010 03:53 PM

Canned Hearts of Palm

About a year or so ago I was in Honolulu and we ate at Nobu. One of the side dishes we had was a heart of palm salad. It was my first (and only) time ever having hearts of palm and I liked the dish. I've been keeping my eyes open for it, but with no luck. The other day, I spotted some canned hearts of palm and brought it home. I haven't popped it open yet, and was wondering if the canned can be compared to fresh? Anyone use canned hearts of palm? If so, what for? I'm thinking about maybe a crab hearts of palm salad. What kind of vinaigrette?

I was intrigued by it then and have never seen it on another menu since. Just curious what people do with it, if anything.

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  1. I adore hearts of palm and have only used canned so I have nothing to compare to. I use them in salads, pasta dishes and as antipasta. They will be perfect with your crab salad. I'm sure all the wonderful creative people on here will have some ideas.

    1. I eat them plain out of the can! They are a texturally unique, low-calorie (but high sodium) snacking delight. Haven't had them in a couple years, and reading this post makes me want some again! I hear they are good cooked gratin-style, and sometimes I slice them into a basic dinner salad.

      1. i love hearts of palm, too. the fresh are rare to find, unless you're in the zone where palmetto palms are growing.

        the ones from glass jars are marginally better than the canned variety, but that's about the universe of hearts of palm (unless you go to florida for the "swamp cabbage festival" in february).

        they go well with seafood salads, and also are a nice adjuct to artichokes. i'm happy just to eat them plain, too, maybe with a little lemon juice.

        they go well in dips.

        remember, they can be julienned, as well as cut in rounds. so you can offer some textural interest with them either way.

        google has lots of ideas, and one that just got my attention was this salad from costa rica:

        these look fun, too:
        Fresh Heart of Palm Poke
        Poke recipes uses heart of palm, fresh ahi, wasabi powder, ginger, sesame oil and shoyu.

        Hamakua Heart of Palm Salad
        Recipe from Chef Jackie Lau of Roy's Restaurants

        Heart of Palm Prosciutto Wraps
        Recipe features fresh heart of palm wrapped in thinly sliced prosciutto and herbed cream cheese.

        Heart of Palm Puree
        Heart of palm is sauteed with butter, garlic, cumin and white pepper then pureed.

        Heart of Palm with Orange and Saffron Vinaigrette
        Fresh heat of palm is combined with oregano, saffron, orange juice and white wine vinegar.

        Heart of Palm with Piquillo Pepper Salad
        Adapted from a recipe by Whole Foods Market. Visit for additional recipes.

        Kauai Shrimp and Heart of Palm Salad
        Recipe combines Kauai shrimp, oranges, fresh heat of palm, and olive oil.

        best deal: costco double pack. phenomenal price.