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Jul 19, 2010 03:43 PM

Good Chinese food in La Habra/La Mirada/ Whittier area.

Where can I find good Chinese food in the La Habra/ La Mirada/Whittier area? I'm not particular to any specific style of Chinese food. Thanks in advance.

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  1. That triangular area (Whitter on the north, La Habra to the east, and La Mirada to the south) sort of reminds me of Phoenix -- populated by Americanized Chinese fast food joints and flanked by AYCE Chinese buffets.

    I think your best bet in that area would be someplace called Golden Wall (or Golden China??) -- it's on Imperial Hwy and just a stone's throw away from that big shopping center anchored by a Home Depot.

    If I were you and wanted decent Chinese grub, I would make the drive to Rowland Heights.

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    2. As Ipse Dixit says, it ain't there. The proximity to Rowland Heights has largely pre-empted the area of the good stuff. Only thing I've found worth eating is in Brea, Midastee Tea House at 912 E. Imperial Highway. Serves dumplings and Taiwanese food.

      1. You might give Silver Palace in Whittier a try:

        1. It depends what kind of Chinese you want. If it's authentic Chinese food you're better off in Rowland Heights. I you want 50s-60s Cantonese-American Golden Star on Whittier Blvd. will fit the bill.

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            I forgot to add it's in La Habra