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Jul 19, 2010 01:59 PM

Farmer's Market Alert!!! northern Greenville County (S.C.)

THere's a new farmer's market at the Cliff's Mountain Park community. That's on Hwy 11, just west of Hwy 25 , on your right (where Cliffs have built come Condos, and for my fellow rednecks, where Riverside dirt track used to be.)

It's 4 until 7 on Friday nights, and boy did I have fun last friday. There were lots of produce vendors, a lady w/ sunflowers bigger than me, fresh head-on shrimp, boer goat meat, FLAT ROCK BAKERY, and others. I heard Mr. Purdue would be there, but I didn't see him. maybe next week. One of the vendors was the organic farm at the Cliffs.

They also had tables set up in the middle of the tent, and a beer and wine vendor. I'm guessing from the chef's station I saw, they must plan for people to eat there as well.

Please support these farmers, and this market!! (it's close to my house...NOTHING is EVER close to my house!) YAY!!!

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  1. I just saw an ad for this in the Greenville Business Magazine and wondered if it was new or if I had just overlooked it in the past. Glad to know it's just starting up, we'll have to take a Friday night drive and check it out.

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      I just wanted to correct my surmise about dinner at the farmer's market. I understand that the tables are merely for enjoying some of the items you may have bought from lady had little pizza/tart things, there are plated desserts, etc. No actual dinner being cooked.

      This Friday, I got the shrimp (good) and the goat (also good). Mr Purdue was there w/ blackberries , peaches, and plums. there was some gorgeous chocolate cake I forgot to pick up on my way out. I hope for the vendor's sake that it's not 100 degrees at 4 next Fri, even under the tent, it was staggeringly hot.

    2. Hi Danna! I'm looking for recent info on this market. Spinning Spider Creamery (the best goat cheese around!) told us about it, and we'd like to join in with our pizza kits ( Is it still going strong? We hail from Asheville, but Earthfare picked us up last month and we go down to Greenville. Hope you get this to give us a report, and thanks!