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Jul 19, 2010 01:44 PM

NY to Cleveland along 80

Hi - I'll be making the long haul from NY to Cleveland (and back) in a few weeks. Is there anything chowish to break up the monotony that is Interstate 80?

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  1. Elizabeth's American Bistro on Market Street, Lewisburg is worth a visit. It is located a few blocks off of Rt 15. There is a Rt. 15 exit (go south) off of 80.

    Here is the website -

    Lunches are as good, if not better, than dinners.

    The Reba half of this restaurant came from Elizabeth's.
    This will be a bit more of a drive off of 80, 30 minutes. Our one visit didn't impress (4 years ago) but we have several foodie friends that eat there all the time and tell us to give it another try.

    Market Street Cafe
    111 W Market St, Scranton, PA 18508