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Jul 19, 2010 01:28 PM

kitchen aid artisan - bounce!

Hi, wondering if anyone has experience with a bouncing, counter crawling mixer? I confess, I forgot to lock the bowl in place last week, so the paddle knocked the bowl off the base, I swear it was only MOMENTS. Bowl is none the worse for wear.

However, when I mix bread dough, the top arm bounces considerably. Yes, I lock the arm. Does not do so when ingredients first mix, only after the dough comes together. Is this normal when making thicker doughs? It may be designed for a little bit of play, but it seems excessive. I thought this mixer would be really stable. Is there a simple adjustment? Trying to avoid a call to customer service....

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  1. MCFAC: did you check the position on the little silver pin that serves as the pivot point between your mixer top (motor) and bottom (stand). This pin can slide out of place and I find that as it gets unblanced the whole thing gets out of balance. If you can't get the pin back in place, you may have slightly twisted the base with the holes where the pin goes in. If you see its bent, call Kitchenaid for professional repair. If you find the pin has just slid to one side or the other our out of one of the holes entirely, reposition pin in the holes run a batch of dough and see what happens. If it still doesn't remain balanced but bounces arount, turn off and contact Kitchenaid cause that's as far as my small appliance repair skills go.

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      You ROCK! (in a good way, unlike my mixer!!!) I think I know exactly what you mean, center of pic below. Looks like the pin has moved out more to one side of the mixer than the other. I think we have a soft mallet in the garage that will do the job without damaging the finish on the mixer. Thanks!