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Jul 19, 2010 01:06 PM

Bacon wrapped shrimp on the grill

So saturday night I tried to make bacon wrapped shrimp on the grill. I precooked the bacon in the oven a little & then wrapped it around giant butterflied shrimp (U/12) that had been marinating in orange marmalade/spicy mustard/garlic mix. So far so good, right? When I put it on the grill several things happened---it caught fire and the bacon unwrapped. I don't like using toothpicks to secure because they burn and splinter. I ended up cooking the bacon separatley on the grill & the shrimp by itself and then trying to eat them together. How would you master this? I guess another downside is that the shrimp doesn't brown when it's wrapped in bacon. Should I just give up?

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  1. Unfortunately, I think the flame ups/burning is due to the high fat content of the bacon, which is a problem I struggle with when I grill lamb chops. As to the bacon unwrapping itself, try skewering the wrapped shrimps on steel skewers. I don't like bamboo skewers either, for the reasons you cite, however the steel ones are awesome as they don't require any prep beforehand.

    1. Try using pancetta bacon sliced very thin, because its roll when you unroll a sliced piece it wraps perfectly around the shrimp, season the shrimp first then wrap, Start wraping from the tail side and wrap super tight so it sticks to the shrimp, they will sear up nice and for a shrimp like a U-12 once you get a sear on both sides move to a cooler spot on the grill so they dont burn and the shrimp can cook through.

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        thank you--I love pancetta. Maybe I will give it another try that way this week. I tried the skewers once and when I slid the shrimp off the bacon fell off some of them. I hear you about the lamb chops too as I leave on the nice fatty edge.