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Pandan Waffles@ BC Deli (Oakland)

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These bright green waffles recently usurped Delicious Food Co's egg puffs as my Chinatown sweet of choice. The raised parts are silky and springy, and the indentations are super-crispy and wafer-like. They're pleasantly sweet, with a good coconut flavor, and are spiked with bits of fresh (or previously frozen, but not dried) coconut throughout. I think they're at least partly rice flour - I've never had wheat flour waffles/cakes with that texture. They're $1.25 each.

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  1. Thanks for the tip.. Had one after a sandwich today, smelled really good in the waffle iron so I had to order one. She was making a peanut waffle also.

    Still sort of prefer the egg puff b/c I'm not a fan of coconut bits/flakes