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Jul 19, 2010 11:55 AM

Your favorite Salsa Recipes?

Need to make like 2 to 3 salsas.

What are your favorite recipes? Was thinking 2 tomatoe based and one corn based/no tomato.


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  1. how about one corn, one tomato, and one *tomatillo* recipe?

    i LOVE roasted tomatillo salsa...this is a simple, delicious one from Gourmet mag:

    for the corn salsa, try grilling/charring the corn. amazing flavor.

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      Seconded! I love letting the corn get all brown and tasty, with a nice coat of salt, garlic, and ground up chili peppers in olive oil, before using it for salsas and salads.

      Second the tomatillos, too! Roasted tomatillo salsa is so very good and super-easy to make! You quarter the tomatillos (about a pound or pound and 1/2) and roast them together with about 4-6 cloves of garlic, minced, 1/2 a red onion, diced, about 1 lime's worth of juice, a dash of salt, and a healthy drizzle of olive oil in a 400º oven for about an hour, stirring halfway through. The top should have some groovy caramelization on top when done. Once it's done cooking and cooling, take it for a quick pulsing spin in the food processor with some minced cilantro and pickled jalapeño and add any lime/salt/whatever as needed.

    2. You can never go wrong with a classic pico de gallo diced tomato, onion, serrano, cilantro and fresh lime juice, I like to finish with a little olive oil at the end it does to salsa what butter does finishing a sauce just rounds it out.

      1. In a food processor whirl up one chipotle, four fresh jalapenos and 1/2 cup pickled jalapeno slices.

        Pour food processor contents into a bowl and stir in 1 t. sugar, 1 t. salt and 1 1/2 t. garlic powder.

        To this add an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce and 2 1/2 t. of two different kinds of pepper sauce.

        Voila! You've got ol' doc Khan's Far Side of Brutal salsa. Send any medical bills to Veggo or Passadumkeg.