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Jul 19, 2010 11:51 AM

Best Buffet Breakfast - Big Island?

Am planning a trip to Big Island and Maui in Nov. Been to Maui before, but it's our first time to Big Island. We're staying in a condo in Waikoloa so most breakfasts will either be at the resort's cafe or in our condo, but thought we could venture out one morning for a buffet at a nice resort. Anyone know which resort serves up the best buffet for breakfast/brunch? Location and price does not matter.

Thank you!

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  1. Pahuia at the four seasons is the best.

    1. Agree with the Four Seasons being the best throughout the week. The Mauna Kea buffet on weekends has improved since it re-opened, but as a rule, the Four Seasons is tops.

      Mauna Kea
      , Kamuela, HI 96743

      1. You will love the Big Island. The Waikoloa Beach resort area has some of the best weather in all of the Islands. Base on your comments about your condo...I am going to guess you may be staying at Hali'i Kai ?
        Pahui'a is certainly a wonderful choice for whatever meal you should choose to enjoy there.I believe their Breakfast buffet is in the $28-$32 range. Lovely setting. About a 15 min drive from WBR. A walk throught the 4 S grounds is fabulous at any time

        A few suggestions for breakfast reasonably close by...but not in a posh resort...:
        Just up the road is the King's Grille located at the Waikoloa KIng's golf course clubhouse. They do not have a buffet..but have a "made to order" breakfast....Omelets, waffles pancakes etc. Quite good and reasonably priced. Most breakfast entrees around $10. The dining room is in a lovely setting overlooking the Mountains and the fabulous King's golf course

        Huli Sue's in the Mauna Lani Resort's golf clubhouse..opened about 6 months ago...offers a weekend Brunch menu that features a Eggs benedict over shrimp cakes .
        About a 5 min drive from WBR.
        These few suggestions are for locales fairly close to where you are staying.........A holiday to the BIG Island does entail a fair bit of time in the Car as you will discover.. We found it nice to know of a few spots relatively close to "Home"

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          Thank you so much everyone! I'm looking forward to the Four Seasons brunch. We may also try the Mauna Lani breakfast too. Both hotels look beautiful. @easily_amused: yes we are staying at the Hali'i Kai! I've definitely put down Huli Sue's and King's Grille as cheaper options. I have such a large list of places to eat at, which I will probably post under a separate subject. Thanks again!

          Huli Sue's
          , Kamuela, HI 96743

          1. re: Tifa2276

            You will love HK....if you've been there will love it even more.
            I made an error when I spoke of the eggs benedict at Huli Sue's being over shrimp cakes...they are over crab cakes. Apparently it is a Sunday happening only.