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Jul 7, 2010 01:08 PM

West African places in London

Nii, I am planning a trip to London in a few weeks.
I'd be much obliged if you could list some of your West African favorite restaurants (and what dishes to try at each place).
Perhaps on the London board?

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  1. Hi Racer x, as you're probably aware, London is a big city and West African restaurants are spread out throughout the city. Let me know where you're staying and I'll list some places close to you!

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      I think you give much of the answer here to your own question.

      The development of "immigrant cuisines" is inherently dependent on the development of the immigrant communities. So, if folk from Ghana are spread across London (and, indeed, across the UK), then so will the possibility of any restaurants. The other significant factor will be if members of that community see themselves as restaurateurs. In context, the Office of National Statistics estimates the number of Ghana born residents to be around 90,000 - most living in the London area. Manchester also has a comparitively largish East & West African community yet I can only think of one African restaurant in the metro area (an Ethiopian) and I've heard mention of that in the last couple of weeks (from a local commercial restaurant/gigs/stuff website).

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        In the USA, the most influential African immigration took place a several centuries back.

        We could have a tread like a current Italian one - what is the difference between 'real' African cooking and African American cooking?

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        Nii, haven't finalized my plans yet (often wait until the last minute looking for hotel deals), but will probably be in the vicinity of the Bond Street or Regent's Park tube stations.

        As long as the places can be reached by public transit, traveling outside the typical tourist areas won't be a problem.

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          Hi Racer x, sorry for the late reply, I've been away.

          Well, Central London has great food, but you'll find the best ethnic eats outside of the Central zone. London is a big city but we are lucky to have a very extensive transport system.

          Africans are spread throughtout the city, but you'll find people who arrive from Africa will congreagrate and set up home amongst their own. So heres' my list of places to try.

          South London - Ghanaian
          The Gold Coast Bar and grill - South Norwood.
          May's Kitchen - Brixton.
          Ki Jo's - Brixton
          Sankofa - Norbury
          Elmina - West Norwood
          Safari - Streatham

          South London - Eritrean/Ethiopian

          Asmara - Brixton
          Adulius - Brixton
          Dahlak - Brixton
          Washebele - Elephant and Castle.
          Red Sea - Walworth


          805 - Streatham
          Majestic - Brixton
          Presidential Suya - Old Kent Road
          Canaan - Walworth

          South African

          Chalalake - Putney

          I hope this list provides you with something to explore. If you need more, let ,me know, or if you want addresses, let me know. Enjoy London!

          1. re: Nii

            Thanks for such an extensive list.

            I was easily able to find addresses for a lot of the places, but not for most of the Ghanaian places. Do you have addresses for May's Kitchen, Ki Jo's, Sankofa, Elmina, and Safari?

            1. re: racer x

              Hi racer,

              Sorry for delay - I hope i'm not too late.

              Here are the addresses

              May's Kitchen
              16C Market Row
              SW9 8LD

              Elmina bar and grill
              463 Norwood Road
              London SE27 9DJ

              1330A London Road
              London, SW16 4DG

              440 Streatham High Road
              Streatham Common
              SW16 3PX

              60 Morrish Road,
              London SW2 4EG

              Let me know how you get on!