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Jul 19, 2010 11:37 AM

Tips on making Lime sorbet less hard and easy to scoop?

i seem to have an unnatractive scoop when i make lime sorbet

i am adding a lil tequilla to it to help but it seems to either freeze very hard or look slushy

i would like a nice scoop.. but it seems to be too water based.. any solutions? or is this how water based sorbet is?.. i find i have the same problem with watermelon sorbet as well


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  1. I think that you could try adding a small amount of corn syrup.

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    1. re: harryharry

      is there a type that is preferred? light or dark? etc?

      thank ya

      1. re: lestblight

        I use alcohol, but it takes quite a bit-- about two tablespoons per cup of mix. You have to use the good stuff if you're going to use that much.

        1. re: jvanderh

          There is probably a lime liquer out there somewhere. or maybe a coconut liquer

      2. invert sugar may be hard to find need a specialty store. I use tremoline which is from beets, it doesnt crystalize and keeps a nice creamy texture.

        If you cant find the invert sugar next best step would be simple syrup and during the last 5 minutes of churning add a splash of rum and whipped egg white (1/2 egg white per quart)

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        1. re: ZagChef

          Would the addition of a lil gaur gum help with this? has anyone used it before?

          i also read that some puree it once it freezes to break ice crystals

          has anyone done this?

          1. re: lestblight

            I dunno, but 1/4 cup of polydextrose powder didn't help my lemon sorbet last week, and I can't use any corn syrup or sugar, either, only non caloric sweetener.

            1. re: mcf

              When I used to work at a gelateria, we used Everclear or 151 grain alcohol in our sorbets. It will not intefere with the flavor and the high alcohol content reduces the freezing point more than a shot of tequila or vodka would. Try adding a shot of 151 to your recipe then gradually increasing or reducing the amount based on the quality of your freeze.

        2. Use plain gelatin powder or lime flavored jello - a packet for 2 or more cups liquid. Dissolve in a cup of boiling liquid, cool to room temp before blending into rest of sorbet , then freeze.

          1. Oops, I was going to recommend adding vodka but I just read that you've tried the tequila. How much are you adding?

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            1. re: twj

              " alcohol doesn't freeze,"

              Everything freezes! Just not at temps we normally used. think of dry ice. :-)
              But anyway.

              Alcohol was one of my first suggestions. A slight addition of cream was another. Both bring down the freeze point. You could also try serving sooner after your first re-blend. Serbert calls for a re-blend where you re-mix the stuff after it first freezes to break up the larger ice crystals.

              1. re: Quine

                "Everything freezes! Just not at temps we normally used. think of dry ice. :-)"

                Ah, touche. But you know what I mean... ;-)

                1. re: twj

                  *wink* I did and I am glad you took it as such.

                  The raw egg white is maybe outside the comfort zone of many people.

                  But the real point is, if you want it softer, don't freeze it as long. Depending on your freezer, if you re-blend it just before you serve dinner, it should still be soft enough to serve great scoops.

            2. You can also try adding a raw egg white during the last few minutes of churning. I've made a strawberry sorbet from a recipe that called for it and it seemed like it produced a nice texture.