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Jul 19, 2010 11:22 AM

Fresh suarkraut bought 2 weeks ago from deli

Bought fresh saurkraut (scooped from hotel style pan into deli pack) from German bakery dated July 4 been sitting in fridge. It is Traditionally German (mild) Is it still safe to use to make pierogies with ?

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  1. That's a tough one... Hard to do the sniff test on sauerkraut...

    That said, sauerkraut preparation is a preservation technique. Me, I'd be inclined to use it if it still tasted good...

    1. what could go wrong? it's cured already, so "fermentation" isn't going to be an issue. if it tastes good, use it. don't let good kraut go to waste, my friend.

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        I agree - sauerkraut is never "fresh". I've noticed sauerkraut, like kimchee and pickles, tend to get more sour (and mushy) as it gets old so it doesn't taste great, but safe to use is not an issue. I can't imagine it would get that way in just 2 weeks as long as it was kept in the fridge.

      2. I am still using mine (left from July 4th)

        1. My live saurkraut sits in the cellar from October to the end of March by when it usually gets finished. Make great pierogies and schi.
          No problems, mate.

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            ps I make 15-20 gal of Russian style saurkraut or kapusta, every autumn from my own garden cabbages. Star out warm in the kitchen to start the fermentation and down to the cellar for slow, cool, fermentation. I stir and skim once a week. Almost as fun as brewing beer.

          2. I would use it. I"m also going to suggest that it actually gets better with age and will become more "sour"


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              I make my own kimchee and such and normally I would agree but this stiff seems so mild as if the important steps in preservation were somehow skipped (salting spicing...) my husband is scared and usually eats anything!! I think I will forgo it and get some new stuff I hate to ruin a ginormous batch of pierogies. Thanks for the advice