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Jul 19, 2010 10:40 AM

Raystown Lake/Juniata area

Any suggestions of places to eat near Juniata College or Raystown Lake in general? We have eaten at the restaurant at the marina twice before, and it's been terrible both times.

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  1. Boxer's Cafe at 410 Penn Street in downtown Huntingdon, PA is a small local pub that serves great food with super fresh ingredients (the guacamole is killer) and has a great beer selection. I frequented there when I lived in the area.

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      We ended up going to Boxer's Cafe. It is very small, really a bar with tables (only about 20 tables), but the food was very good. Highlights were the nachos (with that guacamole), the hand-dipped onion rings, the cheese fries with a very good cheese sauce. The burgers and sandwiches were all good. The waitress was a little harried, and it was hard to figure out what beers they had, but I would definitely go back.