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Jul 19, 2010 10:26 AM

Cape Cod lobster roll with no mayo?

Hi all,

I will be in Cape Cod next month with my friend who loves lobster rolls but hates mayo. She went to Maine some time ago and had lobster rolls there that she claims had no mayo whatsoever on them, just big chunks of lobster on bread with maybe some butter and condiments? I've read this forum on lobster roll spots in Cape Cod but all of them seem to have mayo. Are there places that are lighter on the mayo? If the lobster rolls are made to order, would it be possible to order them without mayo? Thanks!

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  1. There are a lot of places in southern New England that sell "Connecticut lobster rolls" - served warm with butter, rather than cold with mayo (Maine style). I also hate mayo and think the CT version is better, but as I remember most places in the Cape serve lobster rolls w/mayo.... I would just advise your friend to say No Mayo when ordering -- any place that makes fresh lobster rolls (rather than scooping it out of a tub (yuck) should be able to do this. Good luck!

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      Most places use mayo. JT's in Brewtser used to do a warm version with just butter so they may be worth a check. As to ordering it special with no mayo, that's highly doubtful. NO place makes their lobster salad to order by the sandwich, Jax is way off base in that suggestion. While the rolls are made to order, the lobster salad that goes in them is most certainly not.

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        From past experience (and I haven't been on the Cape yet this season) Jerry's on RT 28 (W. Yarmouth, I believe) has always mixed the lobster salad when the roll is ordered. I have watched them take the picked lobster meat from a plastic tub or baggy, mix it with the mayo and place on the roll.
        When I asked about this years ago, I was told that he was worried about spoilage in the heat (No A/C) and mixed to order.

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          Lol...Jerry's. Mixing to order may work for a place like Jerry's who sells one lobster roll every three or four days, but not for any place that does any kind of volume. I'm really not sure what lack of A/C has to do with it as I assume they have refridgeration.

    2. Arnold's in Eastham serves a "hot" lobster roll, no mayo, just melted butter. Their regular lobster roll is the lightest on mayo in the area as well--truly a wisp of mayo. If you go, get the onion rings. I recently got them cooked to order "extra crispy" since they can be a little beige for my liking, and they accomodated me and they were extra delicious that way!

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        What is a "hot" lobster roll? Is it just that the meat is heated as opposed to mixed in a lobster-salad kind of way?

        Since there don't seem to be many choices of lobster rolls with no mayo whatsoever, what do you think of the Raw Bar? I read on the restaurant review sites that they have huge chunks of meat with little mayo.

        1. re: eleguin

          The meat is warm and served tossed in melted butter as opposed to cold and like a lobster salad. If you haven't tried one, you're missing out.

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          Was at Arnold's on Mon night, had the hot roll...excellent, didn't need the butter and so much lobster it was falling out of the roll. I wasn't too hip on the onion rings, but I guess that was me..and my whole party. All and all it was good.

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            I'm glad you liked the hot lobster roll. The onion rings are definitely not the thick cut, breaded/battered norm that usually accompany a burger say. They are thinner cut, lighter & sweeter and make a nice foil to all the other heavy fried seafood served.

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              I didn't like the onion rings either because they didn't drain them when they took them out of the fryalator- they were way to greasy and gave me wicked indigestion. I must have used six napkins eating a third of a small order. Very disappointing because they are famous for them. PJ's are much better.

          2. I just had a fantastic lobster roll like that--but in East Haven, Conn. Hey, we're not far from Cape Cod and our beaches aren't that crowded...

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                Hey, our CT beaches have nice warm water, no hellish traffic (or Mass. drivers) and NO SHARKS.

            1. Yesterday I had a lobster roll from the Chatham Pier Fish Market in North Chatham. It consisted of loads of huge chunks of tender lobster, a few small pieces of celery and no mayo that I could find--all on a delicious toasted roll. (I actually like some mayo with my lobster roll, so add a bit when I got home!) The meal also came with lots of fries, delicious, though I could have skipped that part, and a small container of slaw. Cost $21. Of course, this is a carry-out. The other foods offered are mostly fried, so we rarely get food there.

              My favorite restaurant in which to enjoy a lobster roll in the summer is Brax Landing in Harwich Port. Be sure to eat outside at the umbrella tables with a beautiful water view. The lobster roll is enormous and delicious, but does have mayo, which is to my liking, but not overdone like so may places. I can't remember if it was served with accompaniments, since I haven't been there yet this year. Hope this is helpful. Enjoy the Cape!

              Brax Landing Restaurant
              705 Main St, Harwich, MA 02645

              1. Yesterday we had a lobster sandwich lunch at Crabapples in Falmouth. On a bun, jammed with lobster from all parts of the body, a thin mayo mixed in, it was delicious. The mayo, in fact, had no trace or taste of mayo. A side of homemade potato salad was a perfect extra. The reads on lobster roll options this year make me feel Cape Codders now have terrific options throughout the Cape. Nice.

                553 Palmer Ave, Falmouth, MA 02540