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Jul 19, 2010 10:13 AM

food blogs

it seems there's a new food blog up and running every day; any you particularly like? and for the ones covering the restaurant scene, do any match up to the collective wisdom of chowhound?

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  1. The best of both worlds are the blogs by respected CH posters. Two of my favorites are and .

    These blogs offer really in-depth reviews of eateries in our local area. They can't cover as many as the LA board, but what they cover is at a level that most board postings don't reach.

    1. Kevin manages to go to the opening/closing of just about every high-end place in LA.
      His reviews were a bit rough in the beginning, but they are really enjoyable now-

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          1. re: Denise Duong

            This is a great blog! The food looks amazing. They talk about how they recycle their leftovers into something even more outrageous! Best of all, they seem to use alot from their garden, local markets...her husband catches fish and they had different cuts of meat from the deer he hunted...makes you appreciate the entire process. Wholistic cooking!

          2. Yes, we are very lucky in Southern California to have so many food bloggers. Between Jonathan Gold, Eater LA , Yelp for the search function, and the blogs, there is very little value added on Chowhound.