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Jul 19, 2010 10:07 AM

Blue Marble Soft Serve

Two weeks ago, a friend and i ventured out to Brooklyn in search of great ice cream other than the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factorya and I had heard nothing but great things about Blue Marble. So, on a really hot Saturday, we went to Blue Marble on Atlantic Avenue and it was AMAZING. You could taste the real fruit flavors and tell that they really care about their ingredients. Fast forward to this weekend, my friend and I being obsessed with good soft-serve ice cream, which is increasingly harder to find in NY, we ventured out to the Blue Marble location on Court Street. We stood on line in the heat outside, then made it inside, where my friend ordered first- a soft serve swirl in a cup. First gripe was that their biggest size is basically a small in every one else's world (aside from Grom perhaps). I got the chocolate soft serve. We both were very excited to try this as we loved the hard ice cream SO much. We dug in, and both looked at one another and said, this is average and we could have stayed in Manhattan and gone to someplace much closer.

I love Blue Marble and have respect for what they do and their hard ice cream is amazing, but the soft serve is not worth the trip to Brooklyn if you are not nearby. The hard ice cream is destination worthy. Anyway, just wanted to relay the our disappointment.

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  1. Really? Not sure what you're comparing it to, but I think their soft serve is pretty damn good. The vanilla is very creamy and custardy, and the chocolate is richer and deeper than other soft serves I've had.

    What have you had that's better? I'll be making a beeline for those places ASAP.

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      I love soft serve too, and I just recently started a little reporting on it. If you're ever in Montreal, they have great deals on soft serves. I found out just yesterday that Carvel charges $4.15 for a medium soft serve cone!? WTF?! And the flavor of the vanilla is alright, but nothing to write home about. Certainly the flavor is no where close to the best hard ice cream I've had. I've recently become a fan of L&B Spumoni Gardens' soft serve. I get the vanilla and orange swirl, which reminds me of the Creamsicles that I was so crazy about as a kid.

      L&B Spumoni Gardens
      2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223

      1. re: nooyawka

        Oh yeah I remember those for sure ... Creamsicles were great!
        Mister Softee gets $2 a cone nowadays. I had no idea they were that much.

    2. We live just a few blocks from the Court Street location. We go to Blue Marble on Atlantic pretty frequently (better variety at that location) and love their hard ice cream. My husband had the same complaint about the soft serve, but I haven't tried it. He keeps telling me not to bother so I think I won't. Love the coffee (whatever they call it) and strawberry flavors of the hard ice cream. Very tasty.