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Jul 19, 2010 09:58 AM

The Dogwood Opens on West 6th

New bar in the old Mother Egan's location opened last night.

They must've dropped a million on the renovation as the building is unrecognizable. It's pretty fancy but not over the top. Lots of nice masonry work, two bars-one indoor, one outside. Busy, large staff pouring beers and mixing cocktails.

Live Oak Pilz pints are three bucks.

They also have an apparatus that dispenses ice cold sweet tea laced with vodka. It's a metal tap with a layer of ice surrounding it so the beverage comes out teeth chatteringly cold.

They have a small kitchen in the back that's still undergoing rehab but plans are in place to have it operational before the end of the year. Menu is in development but the owners are Southern boys so expect that to be the slant.

Crowd was the typical west 6th mix of nicely dressed girls in spike heels and grown men in shower shoes. Music was a mix of top 40 right now and a few 80's nuggets thrown in for good measure.

They have a stage so presumably they'll have bands at some point.

I like Dogwood. I don't make it over to west 6th too often but if I need an ice cold dirt cheap pint of Live Oak and a patio to relax on I could see it as a good option.

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  1. Thanks for the report, Chef. We saw the crowds there when we passed by last night and couldn't believe the transformation. Hopefully the kitchen will turn out some good food. This part of 6th St. needs more places to eat. Bess and J. Blacks are the only places that come to mind (unless you count Katz's which I don't). The new gastro pub going into old Thai Tara has much promise (Mulberry guys), but seems to be about a year away.

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    1. re: Carter B.

      Rumor has it that they've hired a guy who spent several years studying under Raymond Tatum, first at Jean Pierre's and then at Backstage as their chef. If this holds true I think they'll do just fine.

    2. "Grown men in shower shoes" is one of the best descriptors I've read regarding that part of W. 6th.

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      1. I will make it a point to check this place. Thaks for the word.

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        1. re: Thorkel

          The above was regarding the soft opening. The "grand" opening will be this Wednesday August 25. Not sure what will be happening then but one can imagine drink specials and perhaps something to snack on.

          Looking forward to quaffing more of their spiked sweet tea.

          1. re: scrumptiouschef

            While Austin waits patiently for Chef Raymond Tatum to get his Three Little Pigs cart up and running, one of his disciples is busy in the kitchen at Dogwood.

            Chef Dan Woodard studied under Chef Tatum at Jean Pierre's and Backstage for ten or so years learning from one of the few master cooks in town.

            Now he's running the show and it's looking like he's taking the task seriously.

            Expect the Beaumont native to feature East Texas Cajun food on the menu with sourcing of boudin and alligator from Best Stop over in Scott, Louisiana.

            Bread for the po boys is being sourced from Chuy's Panaderia and it's looking like Benton's out of Madisonville Tn is going to be one of his pork suppliers.

            Not sure when the affair will be up and running but after years of eating at JP's and Backstage I'm excited to see the understudy finally getting to call the shots.

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              This is great news. Haddingtons offering solid pub fare and now someone who has a chance to offer solid Cajun food right down the street.

              Does anyone in town serve any Benton's pork products? I've not seen it and from some of the Benton's bacon I've had before, I'd like to seek some out.

              1. re: Carter B.

                I asked the same questio re: Benton's a little while back and got no response. If you find anyone, let us know!

                1. re: brentwood

                  Call backspin on slaughter. They've used it in the past.

              2. re: scrumptiouschef

                yum! i bookmarked the site so i can check out their menu when they post it.

                1. re: dinaofdoom

                  Well, Dogwood has chosen to no longer carry Live Oak but they put one of the better burgers in Austin in front of you as a sort of trade off.

                  The Dogwood burger is a massive hunk of hand patted beef, crowned with fried green tomatoes, bacon, onion, lettuce, pickles and just for good measure a big dollop of chile con queso.

                  Pic below,

                    1. re: chispa_c

                      With a hankering for top flight fried chicken and scratch yeast rolls I ventured down w. 6th st. last night for an evening meal.

                      Snake eyes.

                      Not exactly.

                      The two piece chicken snack with scratch yeast rolls is now off the menu but fried chicken is still available but only in the current rage of the chicken and waffle format.

                      Once again Austin's lack of interest in the standard bearers of the Deep South has resulted in our losing an incredible feast.

                      I soldier on and order a dish I have not had since Roy Henry, the Austin cop, had his little chicken and waffle shop down on Ben White.

                      Good move.

                      The chicken is beyond juicy, clearly a brine is in effect. I eat the two massive hunks [ white meat admittedly] and save the waffle for dessert. A cup of house made peach preserves goes down nicely with the deep tread, buttermilk waffle.

                      It's an enormous meal, at least by my estimation, and could feed two hungry eaters.

                      In a stupor I finish my Victoria lager and sit back for a bit to take in the scene.

                      It's a good one.

                      The gals are all stepping lightly in stilletos, TV On The Radio is on the hi fi and Indiana is catching a much needed beating courtesy of the Chicago Bulls.

                      It's a good night.

                      Who's been to Dogwood and tried their take on the Deep South's cuisine?

                      It's hard for me to get anything other than the Dogwood burger and I'm not fully subscribed to chicken and waffles but my meal was flat delicious.

                      1. re: scrumptiouschef

                        Do you know their hours? are they open for lunch?

                        1. re: NWLarry

                          open at 4pm 7 days a week

                          close at 10 sun-thu

                          close at 9 fri-sat

                          I ventured off the Deep South part of the menu and had some incredible Buffalo wings [Louisiana Hot Sauce] a few nights ago.

                          They did eliminate the scratch yeast roll and two piece fried chicken snack