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Jul 19, 2010 09:49 AM

Any recs along the Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, Farmington, NH corridor?

Hi Hounds, periodically I'll meet my dau 1/2 betw. Portsmouth and Wolfeboro for dinner & was wondering if anyone has any recs along the Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, Farmington, NH corridor.

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  1. Boy, I could not think of a worse area to try to find reasonably good food.

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      I would avoid Rochester and Somersworth.

      Dover, eh . . Sara Thai (close to exit 9 off Spaulding Turnpike) or Taste of India (downtown Dover).

      Taste of India
      55 Main St, Dover, NH 03820

      Sara Thai Restaurant
      92 New Rochester Rd, Dover, NH 03820

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        1. Try Spaulding Steak and Ale on Wakefield Street. We stop in on occasion and have never been disappointed. Out on Rte 11, there's the Granite Steak and Ale. We've eaten in the tavern downstairs and have had some good meals.

          Slims Tex Mex and Fat Tony's (both owned by the same guys who own the Spaulding) have some reasonably priced and very good items on their menus.

          Don't discount Rochester. The restaruants I mentioned and those I didn't are every bit as good as those you'll find in Dover.

          And speaking of Rochester, come during the day and visit Artstream and Jenny Wren galleries. While you're here, take the walking tour and see the " If These Rocks Could Talk" public art exhibit with sculptures around the down town area. Pick up a map an most down town businesses.

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            I've known many people who have eaten (and few who have worked) at Fat Tony's and their sister Slim's Tex Mex and most have said "Don't waste your time." I have heard Granite Steak and Grill offers simple, basic and consistently good food. Nothing fancy here. Sad to say, but overall, the whole area lacks good places to eat.

          2. If your willing to go to Newmarket - "Big Bean" is a fantastic spot for breakfast/brunch. One of the best breakfast places I've found in NH.

            Also in Newmarket is Rocky's Famous Burgers. Excellent hand made burgers.

            Both restaurants are extremely small.

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              I really like the Big Bean as well, but the OP specified a place for dinner.

              Newmarket is a bit out of the way from Route 16. I've eaten at Rocky's twice, but don't think it's worth going out of the way for (regardless of their Phantom Gourmet 'hidden jewel" rating). I could never understand the Phantom Gourmet rating anyway. Gilley's in Portsmouth only got a 77 rating and I love their burgers. If Rocky's were in Dover or Rochester it may be more accessable--actually Wild Willy's Burgers in Rochester (just off exit 11) has really good burgers as well.


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                Thanks, All. Does anyone know if the Italian restaurant in Farmington (Il Risorante?) is still in business? If not, what happened?

                1. re: oopboromom

                  The last I heard it had changed to a Mexican place, but we drove through recently and it didn't look open.