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Jul 19, 2010 09:15 AM

Where to buy Panna water?

Specifically, I am looking for cases of the 500ml glass bottles.

Cases of San Pellegrino are pretty easy to find as are individual bottles of the Panna. I am having a hard time of thinking where I can find cases of the 500ml though.

Thanks for your help!

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    1. re: phatchris

      I thought the same thing so I swung by during lunch and (at least the one on Cross Street in the North End) only has Pellegrino. I was surprised.

      1. re: StevieC

        Thanks for checking. I thought they would have it at Bob's in Medford as well, but no dice the last time I was in.

        1. re: StevieC

          I would ask, they usually carry it and may be able to order it for you, or possibly have it in one of their other locations.

        1. Try Marty's Liquors in Newton?

          Marty's Liquors
          675 Washington St, Newton, MA 02458

          1. I have been able to find Panna water at Ocean State Job Lot at a reasonable price at about $1.25 or $1.50 a bottle. I've also seen them at the south shore Stop and Shop so I know you can probably get them by the case. Just not sure how many cases you are looking to get.

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            1. re: Chocomom

              Thanks! I will check with the Stop & Shop locations near downtown (having struck out so far otherwise).

              1. re: Chocomom

                Saw them today at Ocean State in Dedham/West Roxbury

                1. re: L2k

                  Wish I read this earlier. I was just in that area taking the dog for a swim at Millenium Park!

                  I will check it out when I can in the next week or so as the other places I have tried (Stop & Shop, Martys, Gordons) have been strike outs.

                  1. re: Gabatta

                    Stop & Shop in Braintree & Whitman definitely has them for I was there just a few days ago.

                    They even had 6 pk of the plastic 500ml bottles for $4.79

              2. You can definitely get individual bottles at the big grocery store in Fenway (Boylston Street, Stop & Shop? I can't remember).