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Jul 19, 2010 08:51 AM

Late lunch close to Inner Harbor, seeking seafood and relaxation.

Long time lurker, new poster.

We will visiting Inner Harbor in August specifically to visit the aquarium.

I have paged back through older posts but didn't see any recs that jumped out at me.

Taking the light rail into the city (from north) and will visit the aquarium as soon as it opens.

The idea is to eat and drink well after the aquarium visit before heading back out of town.

We are looking for a late luch spot. We eat anything but would really love to find a good seafood place. Someplace where we can sit down, relax, get a drink and enjoy some good food.

We don't mind grabbing a cab but aren't interested in hauling halfway across town and back to catch the light rail back out of town.

Am I asking too much?

My past Inner Harbor trips (years ago) were definately touristy - Philips, Hard Rock, ESPN, etc. (cringe...) Looking for more of a local place this trip.

Hard Rock Cafe
999 East Street N W, Washington, DC

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  1. My suggestion would be Mama's on the Half Shell in the Canton area. Short cab ride from downtown///or the water taxi!!!

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    1. Ryleigh's in Federal Hill is long, but nice, walk around the harbor. Also, you could take the water taxi across and walk up Light St.

      1. If you go to anyplace in Fells Point, Canton, or Federal Hill, the Charm City Circulator will take you there and back for free. I think that opens the possibilities for good food quite a bit.

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          The Circulator does not go to Canton. And the line that goes to Fells in not in operation yet, though the Harbor East stop on the orange line is pretty close.