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Berlin - I need restaurant recommendations, insider knowledge :-)

daves2009 Jul 19, 2010 08:42 AM

Hi all
I will be travelling to Berlin for a week at the end of July - staying in Mitte - so I have a couple of questions:

1. Is there a mass closure of restaurants a la Paris during August? If so, are there some that remain open which are especially of note?

2. Can anyone recommend some nice places with terraces to eat out on? For a beer garden i was thinking of Prater but perhaps soomeone could recommend an upmarket place

3. What do people think of the following as a roll call of restos for my trip:


I don''t want to do the Michelin star thing - I'm looking to eat some german food and see the local take on other cuisines

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. p
    petaj RE: daves2009 Jul 19, 2010 09:14 AM

    Hi Dave,
    Check the really long post by KTA in the thread called "Berlin For the First Time"
    Good list there.
    Best, PetaJ

    1. Trip Klaus RE: daves2009 Jul 19, 2010 09:15 AM

      2. As you are staying in Mitte I would suggest the Georgbrau over the Prater. The beer is better and the terrace is on the banks of the Spree. It is a little American Brewpubish but the terrace is nice and as I said the beer is much better.

      If you make it to Schloss Charlottenburg I would visit the Luisen Brau across the street for a beer.

      1. linguafood RE: daves2009 Jul 19, 2010 09:41 AM

        1. No.

        2. Has been answered by TK. I love Prater, but it's decidedly not "upmarket" (kinda defeats the idea of a beergarden I guess, being a casual thing and such). You might also like Lemke in the S-Bahnbögen near Hackescher Markt. The beer is good, one can sit outside and look at large groups of tourists.

        3. I haven't been to Schneeweiss in a very, very long time. I loved it when they first opened, b/c it was really very well executed food at *very* budget-friendly prices. But then, at each following vist, something inevitably wasn't right -- food overdone, food underdone, etc. etc. Plus the service can be a bit slow, as can be the case with the 'hipper' places in town.

        If you want really good German food at non-fancy prices, check out Renger-Patzsch in Schöneberg or Altes Europa in Mitte. Oderquelle used to be good, but I haven't been in a while either so can't vouch for it. Hartmanns in Kreuzberg is also good, as is Horvath.

        Margaux has outstanding food, but I find the atmosphere a tad bit stuffy (plus I believe it has one Michelin star). Have you considered Weinbar Rutz, Paris-Moskau, or Traube?

        Paparazzi remains one of my favorite Italian restos in Berlin, and I have rarely been disappointed. The pasta is simply fantastic.

        Edd's has the best Thai food in town.

        Bandol sur mer has been recommended in another post mentioned upthread, but I was highly disappointed. Perhaps having had Brangelina stop in for a quick meal two years ago went to their heads.

        Also avoid: Fleischerei, and pretty much any resto on Oranienburger Str.

        Feel free to ask follow-up questions!

        1. linguafood RE: daves2009 Jul 19, 2010 09:45 AM

          Noodles & Figli on Skalitzer Str. in Kreuzberg is also a very nice Italian place.

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