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Jul 19, 2010 07:04 AM

Where to get seaweed and clams for a clambake around Hyannis?

I'm doing a clambake on the beach for around 20 people and need to source seaweed and clams. I think someone mentioned a place, maybe in Chatham, that can supply me with seaweed - anyone know? Who has the best raw clams?


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  1. Nauset Fish Market will supply all the seaweed you want with some advance notice. They are located on RT 6A in Orleans next to the Bird Watchers General store.
    They can also supply you the far as the "best raw clams"...don't know how to answer that since a raw clam is a raw clam......all taste the same unless stored too long or improperly. Any good fish store on the Cape should have good clams of comparable taste...only variable may be cost.

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      In Hyannis, try Cape Fish and Lobster Co.
      406 West Main Street
      Hyannis, MA 02601-3652
      (508) 771-1122

      Not sure about the seaweed but give them a call.