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Jul 19, 2010 06:52 AM

Any good BBQ in the western suburbs

i want to take my host out for dinner tonight Is there any good barbeque (ribs- st. louis style, brisket, pulled pork etc) in the st charles, geneva ,batvia area

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    1. re: gordeaux

      what about Gematos wood pit naperville is fine. i'm will to expand 15-20 miles in either direction

      1. re: coachrbc

        I've never been to Gematos.
        Uncle Bub's was the closest place I knew of that had St Louis ribs and also pulled pork and brisket. Oddly, on the Uncle Bub's menu, I only saw baby backs, but they also mention their "award winning st louis cut ribs" on a combo platter along with baby backs.

    2. Sweet Baby Ray's in Wooddale on Irving Park Road??? If you would be interested in going to Chicago there are a ton of places. Smoque being one of them, Fat Willy's or Honey One etc.....

      Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque
      249 E Irving Park Rd, Wood Dale, IL 60191

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      1. re: twodales

        looking for st louis ribs not baby backs any suggestions

        1. re: coachrbc

          Sweet Baby Ray's DOES do St. Louis ribs.

          1. re: Missy2U

            There was a string of replies about Slow Comfort BBQ in downtown Aurora and a person I know said the food there is good. Here's the post:

      2. There is Salt Creek BBQ in Batavia in front of the Menard's on Randall. I've never had ribs there but I like their pulled pork and especially like their sweet potato fries. I'm not a rib fan.