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Jul 19, 2010 06:45 AM

Barre Heritage Festival - Various Food things (Vermont)

The Barre Heritage Festival starts on July 21st this year and runs through the 25th. On Friday night, starting at 4:30, the Barre Ethnic Heritage organization is going to have an Ethnic Food Tent set up on the Aldrich Library lawn.

I wish I could be there to see what they'll be serving up, but I'm going to a Rush concert at SPAC that day. :)

SOMEone please go and check it out and report back, I'm SO curious. :)

Also, there's a strawberry festival start at 6PM at the congregational church (while supplies last). A benefit dinner at the Elks Lodge for Vermont Catholic Schools (6:30).

Saturday morning there's a pancake breakfast on the Aldrich Library lawn (7:30).

The ladies at Simply Delicious and Bag Lady's Cafe are celebrating their one year anniversary during the festival (at their location in Depot Square). Ladder I Grill is also celebrating their one year anniversary at the Firehouse (I've never been, just discovered it was even there last week!).

Saturday night there's a spaghetti dinner on the Aldrich Library lawn. :)

There's also always an array of various "fair food" vendors up and down the street. :) Fry dough, anyone? :)

All the things happening can be found here:

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