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Aug 10, 2005 10:42 AM

The Creole Chef

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I saw a thread asking about this place awhile back. Well, we went there last night. First off, I think it's better than The Gumbo Pot and at least as good as Uncle Darrow's. The menu at The Creole Chef is more extensive than what you find at Uncle Darrow's so that's a plus for this place. (Note: I love Uncle Darrow's.) I ordered the crawfish and crab bisque with hush puppies on the side. The bisque was quite good. They could tone down the salt a bit since this dish is well-seasoned. The hush puppies were great; I took the leftovers to my mom, who said they're the best hush puppies she's ever had. My husband got the fried shrimp platter with gumbo, fries, and french bread. He loved the shrimp!!! They don't use a cornmeal batter (which is something my mom dislikes about Uncle Darrow's fried seasfood) and the shrimp was crunchy without being overcooked. I tried one of the shrimp. I'd have to say it was perfectly seasoned and fried. This place has salads, po-boy sandwiches, fried platters, and traditional entrees (including two different kinds of gumbo, red beans & rice, crawfish etoufee, and jambalya). They also have a shrimp dish that I think is something akin to what you'd get at Killer Shrimp. I'll have to go back and try it. This is not quite a restaurant. The place only seats 14. Like Uncle Darrow's, you order at the counter and the food is brough to you. Although the room is small, you can tell time was spent establishing ambiance. It's a comfortable place.

The Creole Chef
3715 Santa Rosalia (at the corner of Stocker and Santa Rosalia)
L.A. (323) 294-2433

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    Hershey Bomar

    Sounds great.

    1. If that's the little place behind the Baldwin Hills Mall, it is great. The bbq shrimp are worth the drive. Downside, IIRC, no alcohol.

      1. Thanks for the great review.

        I've been meaning to try this place ever since I read a review of Creole Chef in "City Beat."

        BTW, I called Creole Chef and they said they only been open about 6 months. Will head over soon.

        1. i'm a little worried about driving out there for Creole Chef. someone said it is somewhat better than uncle darrow's but i thought uncle darrow's one of the worst meals ever. their gumbo and jambalaya were inedible.

          any other opinions, therefore?

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            We REALLY enjoyed our meal. WAY better than Uncle Darrows... here's our review with pictures, to help you decide. We think it's worth a trip...


            1. re: Dommy

              thx, dommy. any idea of how their gumbo is? seafood?

              LA magazine had a review this week, including praise for Uncle Darrow's-- who on earth are their tasters???

              1. re: epop

                We did not try their gumbo, that is certainly next especially since I've been a okra eating fiend lately! :) The seafood we did get was cooked to perfection. Nothing chewy, dry or briny. They REALLY take good care of their food, as I noted in the review, you can see them working hard in that kitchen, but nothing is made slap-dash...

                Re: LA Mag....

                ROTFL!! SO showed me that issue at the check out. I kinda was 'meh' about it, and he asked me what I thought of their reviewers... Honestly, I think they run 50/50. They issued much well deserved praise to Tacos Baja, but then last year, called the Counter the best burger (I actually got into a little 'tiff' about that with a Santa Monica 'well to do'. It wasn't pretty... ;P)


          2. i guess it is that after tasting Uncle Darrow's and that place in the h-wood farmer's market
            that has long lines for gumbo that i am especially careful about advice on this cuisine.
            both are horrendous places, imho.

            i'm glad you wrote back, dommy, thx. especially to hear of your laughter. i hate it when someone, especially an "expert", misleads my taste buds.