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Jul 18, 2010 10:09 PM

Adding Bacon Fat/Pork Fat to Burgers


I plan to make burgers soon. I have some extra pork fat from some fatty bacon. I bought "economy" bacon for another dish and it turned out to be like 80% fat, so I kept the fat I didn't use (unrendered).

My question is how should this be integrated into the burgers - should I just fry up the strips of fat and use the rendered oil or should I dice up the strips of "lard" and toss them in before I form the patties? I'm leaning towards doing both right now, hehe

- TheDuke

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  1. Can you buy chuck or sirloin and grind the fat together with the beef? I always add pork fat to elk meat when I grind it to make the burgers fatty enough.

    1. If your beef is very lean, or you're using another lean meat, like runwestie's elk or bison, go for it. I use 80/20 ground chuck for burgers, not so lean, so I don't add fat, but certainly do put cooked bacon strips on my burgers.

      I concur, grinding the bacon and beef together would be the best way to go.

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        ok, thanks for the tips. I don't have a grinder but I'm going to do a really fine dice and just mix it in. The beef is about as fatty as sirloin so I'll probably add enough to make it roughly 80/20 or 77/23