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Jul 18, 2010 10:07 PM

Meat, Fish and Shellfish Shopping in Chestnut Hill

Hi everyone,

Just moved to the Boston area recently from Toronto Canada, quite impressed with the bustling restaurant scene here!

Any suggestions for grocery shopping around the Chestnut Hill area?

In particular I'm looking for:

1) A good butcher (one selling grass fed or Wagyu beef would be ideal), but any quality beef and poultry supplier would be good. Anyone who dry ages their beef on site?

2) Fishmonger (I've been to 88 Supermarket with the live fishes, it's terrific).... specifically one with a reliable source of sashimi grade fish and live fishes.

3) Shellfish supplier

4) As a throw-in, somewhere I can get the essentials like flour, sugar etc. for dirt cheap. Something akin to a Kroger's in NY state.

I've searched the board but I was looking for some fresh new suggestions.

I know a Whole Foods would do well with most of the above (except for the dirt cheap essentials), I was looking for some more suppliers just in case.

BTW the whole Trader Joe's experience is new to me, it's fascinating! Nothing like that in Toronto.

Trader Joe's
1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

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  1. For a butcher I'll recommend John Dewar's in Newton Centre, another place for high end meat is Savenors in Beacon Hill.,

    For fish and shellfish Legal Seafoods on Rt. 9 most convenient, not sure if they sell sushi quality though. Two other well regarded places with seafood for sushi are New Deal and Courthouse seafood on Cambridge St in East Cambridge.

    A place that I go to for a wider than usual variety of flours is Harvest Co-op in Central Square.

    Welcome to Boston, from an admirer of Toronto!