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Jul 18, 2010 09:56 PM

How much does a loaf of bread cost where you live?

I keep seeing loaves of bread for about $3.75 in the grocery stores and $4.00 -$5.00 in bakeries/bread stores. Even the cheap bread is almost $3. Large families who go through several loaves a week must really hate the prices. It is more than I want to spend, but on the positive side I am now motivated to make my own. I have about 3-4 books just sitting on my shelf. BTW, I live in Northern California.

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  1. The Costco multi-grain bread is good at around $2.25/loaf (2 loaves to a package) when you compare it to Miltons.
    In Los Angeles there are several bread outlets where you can find day old or fresh overstock bread for half price.
    I don't mind buying day old because most of the time I'm toasting it.

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      Also in L.A., Jon's market (at least our H'wood stores) have great dark rye and finger breads from local bakeries from just under to just over $2.

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        I was comparing Costco receipts and noticed this week that the 2-pack of instore baked Roasted Garlic bread loaves has gone up to $4.49, from $3.49 in May. National brand supermarket breads are usually around $3-3.50 for the 24oz loaf in the Boston area.

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        1. $2 for a whole wheat loaf here in the Midwest at the supermarket; $1 for supermarket brand white bread on sale.

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            I agree with the above prices, but I'll add that bread at our neighborhood bakery is $5 for a large loaf of sourdough. It's expensive but worth it. (We don't have kids, which is a huge factor in our food purchasing decisions.)

            1. re: Mestralle

              Mmm, do you happen to live in San Fran? I'd almost pay air fare for that sourdough!!! ; - )

              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                Actually we're in Southwest Michigan, which is what makes it a rather scandalous price for bread: We tend to have very good food prices and availability here, with two local competing grocery chains. Many of the national chains that people talk about (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or the expanded Wal-Marts) are reluctant to open here for just that reason. However, this particular bakery (Nantucket Baking Company) has very addictive sourdough that easily rivals what I used to get in San Francisco. We buy sandwich loaves, but they also have small and large baguettes for somewhere around $2.79 and $3.79.

                1. re: Mestralle

                  i don't live in san francisco, but do live in northern california - these prices seems consistent with what we are paying, although i think our local artisan baker charges about 5.50 for a perfect loaf of excellent sourdough.

            2. re: jadec

              About the same here in Colorado. "Fancier" brands like Oroweat/Brownberry are usually $3-3.50 on sale.

            3. Low end--Wal Mart brand for ca. $1.30

              High end--Several brands go for close to $4.00

              1. i eat mostly german breads, either pure rye or half, and it normally costs eur.2.50 [about U$3.25].
                [i'm Netherlands]

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                1. re: Pata_Negra

                  Pata_Negra, are these breads made in neighbouring Germany, or in a German style?

                  There is a lot of nutrition and heft in those German breads though.

                  Hello, qcfoodi! If you don't mind day-old breads, the Loblaws company stores (Loblaws, Maxi, Provigo, Intermarché) sell theirs for 1/2 price. At that price for supermarket loaves, you might do better buying artesanal bread (I don't buy sliced loaf bread).

                  1. re: lagatta

                    imported from Germany. there are several kinds but i've only got a couple of pics so far [2nd and 3rd pics]: , (last 2 pics):

                    luckily i'm only a short train ride to paradise. the real thing (!) --> , and

                    (i'm very particular about breads.)

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                      I believe Loblaws have changed their policy and are now selling their clearout stuff (that includes pastries and meat as well as bread) for 30% off instead of 50%. They also seem to have stopped their practise, which I really liked, of taking 50% off Premiere Moisson breads one hour before closing.

                      If you're looking for cheap sliced bread, there are always the discount stores in popular neighbourhoods. Here in Hochelaga we have a bread store, a Vachon store that sells other Saputo products and a Mr Christie store that sells various Nabisco products. It ain't fancy stuff, but it helps some people make ends meet.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        I was in a Maxi this week (Maxi is Loblaws' discount banner) and bread and charcuterie were still market 50% off - meat has been 30% off for quite a few months, and I stopped buying it.

                        I've never found any bread I'd eat at those discount stores - I'd rather eat rice or pasta, bulghur etc rather than crappy bread if hard up, but I suppose it is a lifesaver for families.

                        1. re: lagatta

                          Thanks lagatta, I guess I saw wrong. I agree that those bread places don't have much of anything interesting, but they're still useful for club sandwich night.