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Jul 18, 2010 08:24 PM

Having Difficulty Finding Particular Drinkware

So I am moving into my first apartment, and my roommate and I have been discussing our bar. We are both recently 21, and have dinner parties a couple times a month. We spend probably too much on nice wines and other nice liquors. So, we want to be able to serve them correctly. Here's the problem. We would love to just purchase a mixed set of glasses, with a few of each style. It seems more affordable that way (or at least it would seem so to us) but as we went looking we couldn't find anywhere that provided that option. Everything is sold separately. Are we missing something here? Thanks for any help you all can provide!

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  1. well, you can go to thrift stores, sometimes you find the nicest glassware, dinnerware there.

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      We had actually found some at an estate sale...but a lot of the stuff is cut crystal and just ridiculously fancy. I am a fan of the cut crystal and all, but it just seems a bit much to buy such fancy glasses that will probably just get broken anyways (we're not drunkards or anything, we're actually both just ridiculously klutzy and tend to drop things a lot).

    2. I've found that any time I see a set of glasses, it's much like a set of knives or pots and pans: There's other stuff in there that I don't care to have. I think you're better off going loose stock. The thrift stores that Huey mentioned are a good way to go. Pier 1 and Cost Plus both have some nifty loose stock stuff (I'm especially fond of the angled rim crackle glasses from Pier 1), and when it goes on sale or clearance is dirt cheap. Another good place for glasses... IKEA. Their 365+ wine glasses are very affordable at $2.99, and they have modern lines similar to stems that cost four times as much at Crate & Barrel. You just have to root through the racks and racks they have to find the ones with the thin rims so it doesn't feel like you're drinking from a jelly jar. Likewise, they have terrific looking stemmed shot glasses ($4.99 a six-pack) and rocks glasses with fun mod prints ($6.99 a six-pack)

      Oh, the glasses that are really necessary are fewer than you might think. These are the ones I use all the time:
      Red wine glass (at least 12 ounces, bigger is better)
      Rocks glass aka Old-Fashioned, ~7 oz
      Double rocks glass aka Double Old-Fashioned, ~15 oz
      Cocktail glass aka Martini glass, ~5 oz (Yes, that small. Big cocktails are an abomination, but that's a separate thread)
      Collins glass aka Highball, ~12 oz (I like mine tall so I got 14 ounce ones)

      From there, it depends on what you like to drink. Sounds like you like your wines, so you may wish to get some white wine glasses as well. While I do have glasses for both red and white wine, I find that if all of one type is pressed into service that the other will hold the "wrong" wine just fine. I find Champagne flutes to be a necessity; as a bonus, they can pull elegant double duty as vessels for Martinis and other drinks served straight up. If you drink lots of beer, pilsner glasses are awfully nice to have.

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        Agreed - Ikea is good for day-to-day glasses. Seem to stand up to the dishwasher well. And that's a real consideration if you do not want to hand-wash them.

        TJMaxx usually have good quality glasses at about 40% off.

      2. There are always plenty of stemware sets on eBay, in a wide range of quality and price.

        1. If you like the style of Riedel "O"s, Pier One has a good imitation for next to nothing. Actually, Riedel O doesn't really cost that much.

          1. See if you can find a Tuesday Morning discount store in your area. They have great prices on glassware and crystal. Just don't expect to see that same brand or style next time you go in or try to replace a broken glass.