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Jul 18, 2010 05:36 PM
Discussion question, and question on cheap pans in general

I came across this site earlier looking for a new large saute pan and their prices are ridiculous!

Does anyone have anything from them? Can anyone attest to their quality?

My real quest is for a new saute pan (straight edge about 5 to 6 quarts). Does anyone have any suggestions for brands that have cheaper, good quality pans? I don't want crap, but I'd like something not quite all-clad prices (would like around $50 or $60).

Any suggestions?

Edit: It looks like the brand is vollrath.

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  1. Vollrath is huge in the restaurant business. I'm certain you've had a meal prepared in one if you go out to eat.

    Currently I own a couple of Vollrath aluminum sauce pans and am very happy with their performance and quality. I would not hesitate to buy more. They don't sell their products in common retail outlets, mainly restaurant supply houses.