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Jul 18, 2010 05:25 PM

M & M Cafe Mississippi home cooking

M & M Cafe Mississippi was on Century and La Brea. I loved their soul food but they are no longer around.

I have been to M & M soul food but I wasn't impressed.

Anybody know of a restaurant that comes close to M & M Cafe?

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  1. Yo, reality check!

    Check out Bertha’s Soul Food Cafe - a sure bet. They plate up some outstanding fried chicken, oxtails, ham hocks, short ribs, catfish, snapper, collard greens, black-eyed peas, yams, etc. They also make a delicious peach cobbler, a scrumptious sock-it-to-me cake and wonderful red velvet as well, among other delightful desserts. Same location and family ownership in the ‘hood for over 45 years. In fact, I was one of their very first customers. Warm, friendly service in small, home-like venue. Open Mon, Wed-Fri 11-9, Sat-Sun 12- 9.

    Bertha’s Soul Food Café
    1714 W. Century Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90047
    (323) 777-3373

    Another sure shot is The Serving Spoon, a stellar breakfast/lunch/brunch-only soul food joint located in an Inglewood strip mall. Virtually everything on the menu is close to the best in its class. Among the standouts are the fried chicken, catfish, pork chops, buttery grits, house-made spicy beef sausage, waffles and pancakes. Perfectly cooked eggs and omelets. Great selection of juices. Daily specials. Serious eats, seriously delicious. Small, casual venue with a large following of loyal patrons. You may face a brief wait for a seat, particularly on Sunday – worth it. I truly wish this place was closer to home. Open Mon-Sat 7-3, Sun 9-5.

    The Serving Spoon
    1403 Centinela Ave
    Inglewood, CA 90302
    (310) 412-3927

    Bon Appetit!

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    1. re: degustateur

      Love Bertha's, go there often.

      Will have to check out Serving Spoon. Thanks

      The Serving Spoon Restaurant
      1403 Centinela Ave, Inglewood, CA 90302