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Jul 18, 2010 05:19 PM

Weekday breakfast Waltham, Belmont, Lexington area?

Can anyone recommend a good place for weekday breakfast in the Waltham, Lexington, Arlington, Belmont area?

How about Andros Diner? Been there? I heard it was closed by the Dept of Revenue. Is it open again?

Thank you for your suggestions.

Andros Diner
628 Trapelo Rd, Belmont, MA 02478

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  1. I liked Wilson's Diner on Main Street in Waltham a lot when I lived in the area. But, if you can sneak just over the Belmont border to Watertown, you can't beat the Deluxe Town Diner.

    Wilson's Diner
    507 Main St, Waltham, MA 02452

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    1. re: BJK

      I am kinda partial to Victors Diner in Watertown - not so much on the atmosphere, but huge breakfasts.... and better homefries than Deluxe

      Victor's Diner
      214 N Beacon St, Watertown, MA 02472

      Deluxe Town Diner
      627 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

      1. re: okra

        I don't understand most breakfast places (at least the ones I've been to) aversion to using some spices (even just basic salt and pepper), adding in onions and/or peppers, or getting some color/flavor from the grill in their homefries. Do most people prefer bland boiled potatoes for breakfast in this area?

        1. re: LStaff

          The place I recommended below also has fairly bland homefries. How can anyone, other than those who just don't like onion, not understand that homefries without onion are a crime against humanity?

          That said, most breakfast places have Tabasco sauce available, which can rescue even the blandest of homefries.

          1. re: LStaff

            Well, first off, this is New England, so, yes, a lot of people prefer bland food.

            If I'm not mistaken, onions are not completely unknown in local home fries. Peppers, on the other hand, are an extremely strong-tasting vegetable by comparison, and (it's always been my experience) can easily drown out any other flavors whenever they're used. So kudos for every breakfast place in town for not putting peppers in their home fries.

            Salt and pepper, people can add for themselves.

            Also, a lot of places do use some kind of seasoning on their home fries... I think it's similar to Old Bay seasoning.

            1. re: scratchie

              "If I'm not mistaken, onions are not completely unknown in local home fries."

              Can you explain this sentence? I don't understand.

              BTW, I happen to agree with you about peppers. Although I like lots of onion in my homefries, I prefer no pepper. (I feel the same way about Italian sausage.)

              1. re: Blumie

                Translation: I'm pretty sure I've had home fries with onions in them in the Boston area.

                1. re: scratchie

                  Sorry, I managed to misread your fairly simple sentence!

            2. re: LStaff

              I recall Deluxe holding their homefries in a steam table type device... The whole goal is to leave them on the flat top long enough to get that crust that is what a homefry is all about. To me, anyway.
              We have all tasted the dichotomy - either no seasoning - or doused in a BBQ rub/Old Bay combo. It's not that hard to get it right - and it remains my litmus test as to how good a breakfast place is.

              Oh, and if you deep fry your homefries? You'll never see another dime from me. :)

              My $0.02 Your mileage may vary.

              1. re: okra

                No debate. Homefries are the least favorite part of my breakfasts at Deluxe.

                On the other hand, their pancakes, corned beef hash, and english muffins are unrivaled. If anyone is aware of a better version of any of the three I would love to eat it.

                FWIW, the coffee and the eggs are also both pretty darn good at Deluxe. Not a huge fan of their omelettes, but so be it. It's hard enough for me to decide between pancakes or hash & eggs with an english muffin on the side.


                1. re: BJK

                  For the record - Deluxe deep fries their potatoes for homefries... Then they hit them with McCormick "Montreal Chicken Seasoning" and into the covered chafing dish.

                  On my most recent visit, I had what they tout as "great hot pastrami on rye, NYC deli style". For ~$9, I got about 5-6 oz of supermarket pastrami, grilled on the flattop, on grilled rye. Good slaw and pickle, but... shrugs - I am missing something here....

                  1. re: okra

                    Yes, you're in Massachusetts.

                    Ergo, "NYC Deli Style" = "Contains some form of cured beef". 8-)

                  2. re: BJK

                    English muffin at Crema Cafe in Harvard Square. Especially with butter and jam.

                    For eggs, I prefer Uncommon Grounds down the street.

                    I know I'm an outlier here, but I'm not a fan of Deluxe Town Diner's pancakes. I find them to be too heavy -- after a few bites I'm not really interested in eating any more.

                    Not that I don't like the diner -- I do. I think my favorite item there is the chicken soup. I just don't get why there are always lines out the door on weekend mornings.

                    Deluxe Town Diner
                    627 Mt Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

                    Crema Cafe
                    27 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

                    Uncommon Grounds
                    575 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

                    1. re: Pia

                      Anything else worth eating at Crema Cafe? I'd love to try the English muffin but am unlikely to make Harvard Square a breakfast destination for an English muffin alone.

                      Though I do have to take your advice with a grain of salt given your feelings about the Deluxe pancakes. Maybe we'll have as divergent opinions about English muffins! :)

                      Crema Cafe
                      27 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

                      1. re: Pia

                        I'm not sure any place in Harvard Square really counts as "Waltham/Belmont/Lexington" area for a weekday breakfast, unless you want to pay 12(?) bucks to park.

                        1. re: scratchie

                          Scratchie: True, but I was responding to BJK's challenge about a better English muffin.

                          BJK: The sandwiches and soups are great. Coffee is very good. Pastry items are hit or miss -- I like the croissant and brioche-type items, but think the cookie/cake stuff, while tasty, is nothing special.

                          I should have disclosed that it takes a lot for me to like an American-style pancake. I prefer a Swedish-style thinner pancake. If I want a thick, fluffy, starchy thing, I'd rather just eat cake. When I do like regular pancakes, they're usually fresh out of the skillet at home and are still crisp around the edges, not the plate-sized pancake that's already starting to get steamed by the time it reaches the table. So feel free to take my Deluxe dubiousness with a big grain of salt.

                            1. re: Pia

                              Sounds like Cafe Crema may be worth trying for lunch. Perhaps a sandwich on one of their reportedly wonderful English muffins. ;)

                              Crema Cafe
                              27 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

                              1. re: Pia

                                Okay, so off topic, then: anyplace besides IHOP do a good Swedish-style pancake in Greater Boston?

                2. I don't know anything about their breakfast, but yes, Andros is open again.

                  Another option in Arlington Hts., just across the border from Lexington, is the Classic Cafe - nice, plain storefront with a huge breakfast selection.

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                  1. re: peregrine

                    Via Lago on Mass Ave in Lexington.
                    They have been there for over 20 years.
                    100 yards from the Minutman Statue


                      1. re: Eatin in Woostah

                        Yes, Via Lago does breakfast but no one really seems to know about it. The menu is not extensive but good, and its a great place to have a breakfast meeting where you need to spread out a bit and not be bothered by either loud conversation or a waiter trying to move you along.

                        1. re: lesliewh

                          We went in for lunch this week - I never knew what the counter in the back was for! Are they open for breakfast on weekends or just during the week?

                          1. re: Eatin in Woostah

                            I know its open for breakfast during the week; I'm not sure about weekends.

                    1. re: peregrine

                      I love the atmosphere and the people who work at Classic Cafe, but the food is just so-so. As an example, on one of my first visits to the place (I live nearby), I ordered an omelette that I'd never seen on any other menu: an "Italian" omelette with cut-up meatballs and mozzarella cheese. Tasted great.

                      Unfortunately, the next time I went back and re-ordered it, the meatballs were cold on the inside. Fully cooked, but just not heated enough. I ordered the same thing a year or two later (to give them another chance) and got the same results. To make matters worse, at one point they also had a different "Italian omelette" on the specials menu that had different ingredients (it may be gone now).

                      So let's just say that attention to detail is not their strong suit. I've often ordered an egg sandwich on a bagel there, but it's about a 50/50 chance that the bagel will be burned black.

                      Love the food in Arlington, but I really, really, really, really, really wish there were better breakfast joints around here.

                      1. re: scratchie

                        Broadway diner in East Arlington has good corned beef hash, omelette's are ok. I'm not much of an omelette fan. I usually get one of the eggs benny variations on the menu. Pancakes are good, stuffed french toast is very good, but they charge extra if you want real maple syrup instead of the 'pancake syrup' on the table.

                        1. re: sablemerle

                          What is the Broadway diner near? I've never seen it. We tried the Classic Cafe recently and liked it, but neither of us had an omelette. Coffee was just OK. I like the breakfasts at Bagels R Us, though I think they're a little overpriced. The benedicts are very good (especially the smoked salmon) and I like that you can get linguica as your sausage option.

                            1. re: BJK

                              Ahh..duh. Brain misfire - I equated East Arlington with Mass Ave and couldn't picture where it was. Thanks.

                    2. I love Joseph's Two, on Main Street in Waltham, for a good, cheap, greasy spoon breakfast.

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                      1. re: Blumie

                        I love Joseph's Two as well. Great Pancakes and Omeletes.

                      2. I love the Spot Cafe in Watertown, close to the Waltham border. Even though they have all sorts of breakfast dishes, my favorite thing to get there is the fruit cup with granola and yogurt and a slice of wheat toast on the side. I know it sounds like something anyone could throw together, but it's so good -- you can tell they take care with every ingredient.

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                        1. re: Pia

                          Affirmative on the Spot Cafe. everything they make is fresh, their pancakes are fantastic, and it's the only breakfast place I know where you can order a gorgeous baguette with real strawberry jam. And they are effortlessly nice people. Unless you have a large group, this is easily the best breakfast in the area (it's small so you wouldn't want to show up with more than 4 people).

                          1. re: teezeetoo

                            You may be able to get real strawberry jam, but you cannot get real maple syrup!
                            On the whole, I prefer the Deluxe diner even though The Spot is closer to home.

                        2. Turkish breakfast in Sofra - right over Belmont's border with Cambridge, is fantastic!

                          1 Belmont St, Cambridge, MA 02138