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Jul 18, 2010 05:06 PM

NY Hound visiting SF

Hi Everyone. I am planning to visit SF for 4 days (Fri to Tues) end of this month. And of course, I am here seeking recommendation on must-eat, must-see places. I'm a single woman traveling solo, so I probably wouldn't make it to the Gary Dankos of the town. Some place casual, or a place with nice bar sitting would be wonderful. Thank you very much in advance.

Gary Danko
800 N Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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  1. Hi, this request comes up about every two weeks, so there's lots of old threads. Here's one to get you started. You'll notice that solo dining is very reasonable here. Going to the best restaurants in town solo is quite common - so much that it's shocking you would even say since you are a single woman you wouldn't eat at Gary Danko - which has a 10 seat walk-in-only bar (not that GD is the best eats in town). Everywhere with a bar will serve full menu; I know no exceptions. NYers seem surprised at the casual nature of SF fine dining, but it's really like that (and hey, you can walk in and eat at Le Bernardin's bar, so it shouldn't be too surprising. I know, I had the chef's holiday truffle tasting menu there.).

    If you'd like a more specific recommendation, letting us know the price, type of food, neighborhood will be necessary. 'must-eat must-see' doesn't narrow it down.

    Ame is listed in this thread and considered an excellent and more unique of the SF choices. NOPA comes up a lot too. Both have bars. If you're into more inventive food, 2-star COI has a lounge that serves the full menu.