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Jul 18, 2010 03:55 PM

Zankou Chicken in Phoenix?

First off I know there is not a Zankou Chicken in Phoenix. That would be awesome if there was. Is there a place that is like Zankou Chicken in the Phoenix / Casa Grande area.

I live in Maricopa and my wife loves going to LA so we can have Tommy's (chili burgers) and Zankou Chicken. In Phoenix, she says the chili they serve at Carls Jr. comes close to Tommy's but no place is even a close 2nd, for Zankou Chicken.

Specifically she likes the whole experiance. The pickled beats, the onion, tomato, hummas, pita, and meat....with garlic sauce. Can't forget the garlic sauce.

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  1. Morning,

    Just back from CA and passed a Zankou place. Years ago I always had chicken from Cafe Istanbul, and it came with a great garlic sauce (and those pickled turnips). I'd contact them first, however, to see if they still serve it. Cafe Istanbul is located on Apache Blvd between Rural and McClintock (on Dorsey, I believe) in Tempe. Good eating!

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      I've never been to Zankou Chicken, but what you're describing sounds similar to the amazing stuff they serve at Phoenicia Grill - there's one in Gilbert on Gilbert Rd. between Warner and Ray and one in Tempe just east of Mill Ave. approximately at 6th or 7th street.

      Maybe the chicken shawarma or the chicken kabob?

    2. The closest I've found is at the cafe in Baiz Market. The roast chicken isn't quite up to Zankou standards, but they do make a garlic sauce that's similar. Here's a link to an article:

      Carl's Jr. similar to Tommy's? Sounds like a stretch. I'm not a big burger fan but my husband is so I've been to Tommy's many times.

      Baiz Market
      523 N 20th St, Phoenix, AZ