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Jul 18, 2010 03:33 PM

Poutine Shacks - Trafalgar Road

Poutine shack alert.

Two within ten mins of each other, on Trafalgar Road - just after the turnoff from the 401 - on the way to Georgetown.

Shack name, red and white cabin/hut thing next to a farm with a few horses milling about...its about 2 mins after the trafalgar road turnoff. There is a gas station and Timmies a couple of doors away.

Nice gravy, REAL squeaky CURDS, fresh hand-cut fries and numerous fixins. Excellent and highly rec'd. If you're out this way....the red poutine shack of no name is a must if you like poutine.

Second Shack.

Louise's or some such about ten mins further down the road on towards G'Town, on the right hand side. Hmm...Fries good, gravy less so and horror of horrors....grated mozzarella on top...avoid.

This is the end of this public service announcement.

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    1. re: Davwud

      And....saw the first signs for Corn for sale today, give it a week or two and the corn stands will be open just down the road.....and and and....the new smokehouse place has apparently opened in i can pick up dinner on the way back from riding. There is also a place just past the red poutine turn off to the left that has reputedly excellent maple syrup from their farm and brown eggs...haven't tried it yet ...would mean letting my poutine get cold... they say Worth the Drive to Acton...well...almost to Acton.

    2. Hi, Is shack #1 on the east or west side of the road?

      (left/right depends on what direction you are heading.... you mention #2 is on teh right side (I assume "east" side)

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      1. re: ylsf

        Shack 1 is on the west side - left hand side as you leave 401 onto trafalgar heading towards georgetown.

      2. Hi.they call them chip stands up north.

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        1. re: ebay3392

          Thanks for the report! I've made note and we will check it out!

        2. I've had the poutine at chip wagon #1 many times. Pretty good although I've never found the curds to be squeaky.

          I hear the "newfy fries" at Louise's are pretty good!

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          1. re: ikapai

            Maybe I'll try Louise's again. Curd squeakiness at wagon one is variable, but i'd say...4 out of five times they were squeaky. There really should be a food grading system for the squeakiness of curds, a Canadian version of VSOP.

            Perhaps VSCP...(Very Squeaky Curds Present) SCP (Squeaky curds present) CP (Curds present) and CA (Curds Absent). Using my new brilliant grading system chip wagon 1is SCP with the occasional luck of the draw...VSCP and the odd simple CP.

            I hereby recommend chowhound adopt my grading system and someone needs to think of a comparable for the gravy.