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Tres Amigos - 290/183

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Since folks are getting nostalgic about Jaimie's, I thought I'd make a comment about Tres Amigos at the intersection of 183 and 290. My bf and I have been twice over the past week.

We both used to go there as kids with our families and I will also add that my Grandmother made tamales there after her 25 year stint at the Green and White Grocery store. Neither of us had been there for a while so we decided to check it out.

The puffy tacos I remembered as a child did not disappoint. They were stuffed full of spicey ground beef, fresh iceburg/tomato and shredded cheese. My order came with 2 tacos and I could only finish one.

The bf had the Nuevo Leon plate on both trips. I had the Guadalajara plate on the 2nd trip. We both enjoyed our meals and decided this was our new (old) go to place for Tex-Mex. The prices are good, the staff is very friendly and the restaurant is clean and inviting. You have a choice of sitting at a booth in front of the bar or sitting in dining room. It wasn't crowded on either visit. There was a steady crowd but no wait. The prices are very reasonable.

If you like old school, austin owned places with good food and prices, try Tres Amigos. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

Tres Amigos
7535 E Highway 290, Austin, TX 78723

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  1. That's good to hear, I didn't even know they were still there. I used to go there when I worked in the area many years ago.

    1. Good to know. By the way, I used to love getting the tamales at Green & White--they were great. Went into mourning when G&W stopped selling them. Had I only known they were available at Tres Amigos!

      Tres Amigos
      1807 W Slaughter Ln, Austin, TX 78748

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        Thanks for telling me that. My Grandmother has since passed away but she and her sister stood side by side making tamales at Green & White for a long time. I'm a total tamale snob now!