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Jul 18, 2010 01:15 PM

Herrell's Ice Cream in Huntington, NY from the guy that created Steve's Ice Cream

I was excited to find this fairly new place (they said they'd been there two years) in Huntington village across from the movie theater. This is a new franchise from Steve Herrell the guy behind Steve's Ice Cream. They helped popularize the concept of premium ice cream (i.e. not loaded with air) and the idea of mixing stuff like Heath Bars into the ice cream. I used to devour the stuff a pint at time. The ice cream is made in store and looks like they rotate flavors with 20 or so available at a time (from a stable of 200), You can also get a smoosh-in where you pick stuff to be mixed in to your ice cream. Those of you thinking about Cold Stone, forget about it, Steve was doing that stuff years before anybody else.

It looks like this is one of three in the country, but hopefully there will be more soon.

Herrell's Ice Cream
46 Gerard St Unit L, Huntington, NY 11743

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